Back to school books

I know it’s the middle of the school year for us, so anyone who’s supposed to be in school is probably already there, but I came across this great site that lists some good books for helping preschoolers with getting used to school. We’ve only read Audrey Penn‘s The Kissing Hand, and it’s been a great concept for helping Mittens deal with the separation anxiety of going to school or class. Basically the mummy raccoon will give baby raccoon a kiss on his hand which he has to hold right and put to his cheek when he feels he needs to be reminded of his mummy’s presence.

Although Mittens has been going to school for some time now and doesn’t really need the reassurance, it’s still nice (for both him and I!) that once in a while he’ll ask for a kiss on his hand before class, and happily skip off to class after. I’ve also been so thankful that even though he’s sometimes quite tired in the afternoons and/or I have to wake him from his nap to attend his classes, he’s been extremely cooperative.

If your little one is having trouble adjusting to school, maybe you can try out one of these books on the list from No Time For Flashcards to help ease the transition.


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