Tips when traveling while pregnant.

I guess in this photo it’s not so easy to see the bump, but here I am at the airport waiting to check in with a million peaches we attempted to fly home with us.

We have just returned (ok like a month ago) on our what is probably our last holiday in a long time, this time to South Korea. Now that I’m older, less mobile, and erm just older, I’ve forgotten how tiring travelling can be with airport transfers, domestic flights, and hopping from city to city. Maybe it was because I was about 8 months along, but I’m pretty convinced it’s because I’m older! With kids we prefer destinations that aren’t too far and without too many connections, preferably none at all, so this trip was really quite different. It was a good trip nonetheless, and I think all that eating has fattened the bubs up real good.

Anyhow, since this is my third time round, and I’ve been flying all throughout my pregnancies (more so with Mittens when I was still working and jet-setting), I thought I’d prepare some tips for travelling while preggers:

  • Get the green light from your gynae on traveling and a (standard) letter from him stating your due date as an indemnity for the airline.
  • Check with your airline/cruise liner/etc when they need the “fitness to travel” letter, but I usually carry one as soon as I know I’m preggers (and need to fly). Sometimes ground staff just take a cursory look at the letter then don’t seem to care, but make copies that you can give to the check in counters so you don’t have to wait in case they need to make a copy.
  • Check with your airline when you can travel up to. With SQ it’s up to 36 weeks for singletons which is pretty late term. I wouldn’t mind free flights for life on SQ, although to my gynae’s knowledge, no babies have been born to Singaporeans on-board an SQ flight before. Personally, I think I’d be too embarrassed to make a total mess of the cabin!
  • Wear something comfortable. I tend to layer more so I can keep warm or go with a lighter option if necessary. That includes comfortable shoes, or bring socks you can wear during the flight (if they don’t provide this).
  • If you’ve got it, flaunt it. You’ll get priorities in queues and service, and most people won’t say no to a pregnant lady, so don’t feel shy to make the most of it while you can! After all you won’t be preggers for long. No harm trying to ask for your favorite aisle, window or bulk head seat. This last trip my tummy scored us a ride at the airport on a buggy from the lounge to the gate, which was just as well because the ride was like 5 minutes long so imagine walking that distance!
  • Many airports these days will allow you to bypass metal detectors and do a cursory body search. It was certainly not the standard when I had Mittens 4 years ago (in fact, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi did but Changi did not!)
  • Pamper yourself – you might not have the time to do so after the baby arrives, so it’s your last chance to enjoy!

I’ll end with a funny story – on this last trip I freshened up with a shower at the Incheon airport lounge, and was in a moment of panic when I saw that the towel had a spot of blood. I was only in week 32, and I knew if I started bleeding there was no way I’d be able to make it home before the baby arrives. After some twirling around and trying to check the mirror, I realized I’d actually scratched my ear. A bit of a comic anti-climax there!! But it was a relief.

Safe travels, everyone! 🙂


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