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Funny things people say to pregnant women

We all know that Singaporeans are obsessed with ideals, for example, having 2 children – 1 boy and 1 girl, as I’ve ranted about before. This time round, we’ve obviously had a different set of questions, although for your reading pleasure I’ve compiled some that go all the way back to my first son’s time.

Can you still drive?
This one stumped me. I actually got into my car, and sat behind the wheel trying to measure how much space there is. And there is a lot. I’m not sure how small (or short?) I’d have to be and be seated way up close to the steering wheel to not have any space for a tummy. Fat people can drive, right? I’m pregnant, not handicapped?

Can you still travel?
No, I concealed my 8 month tummy like a convent girl to sneak onto the plane. Ok I know some women need to have bed rest for the first or third trimester or something like that, but I’m fortunate to have pretty easy pregnancies. I even walk faster than the hubby even when I’m preggers! It is a little uncomfy travelling with a tummy, especially on a longer flight, but it sure beats not going on holiday. Or going on holiday with toddler 😀

How come so small?
Er.. Both my boys were over 3kg, so I think “looks” doesn’t matter.

Will your husband faint at the sight of all the blood?

Don’t buy any clothes for them, they grow very quickly.
So, what, just let them go naked or wear clothes that are 2 sizes too big when they’re 2 days old? In the end I bought “newborn” onesies from Mothercare anyway, and it’s lasted for both my boys and handed over a few times because no one else bothers to buy newborn stuff.

Oh, a girl! You can buy lots of cute clothes now.
Yes, that’s the only reason why I’m having a girl. Actually I’ve got TONS of clothes that she can wear, even after giving away all the blue clothes with trucks/tools/etc. on them, and a few friends have passed on some lovely pieces, and since they don’t go out to “nice” places that much when they’re young, should be enough lah.

The government will be happy.
I love my country, but I don’t love it THAT much that I’m personally going to take responsibility for increasing the birth rates.

Were you trying for a girl?
Seriously, a healthy baby is more important than the gender of the baby. And any baby is a blessing.

Are you all ready/prepared?
You can never be fully prepared for the chaos a newborn will unleash into your world. No matter whether it’s your first time or not!

Anyhow, I came across this hilarious post by the Accidental Supermommi, “Sleep When the Baby Sleeps”, and other Useless Platitudes”, which I thought I’d also share – it’s about advice that mummies don’t need, and what they really do need.

And for everyone who loves or would love a large family, please read this FB thread for great responses to the funny things people say about big families. Like if someone passes a remark like, “Quite a handful you got there”, you could always say “Heart-full too”. And to a snarky remark like “Dude, seriously, get a TV.”, one father said “Dude, got one. Nothing on after 10pm.”. Hilarious and heartwarming.


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