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The final countdown

Now that I’m moving into week 38, I’m what people like to say, just waiting to pop. Although I personally don’t like that phrase because it makes pregnant women sound like a pimple, I definitely feel like a watermelon, and think I’m getting even bigger by the day if that’s even possible.

So far it’s been pretty smooth sailing, apart from the epic chronic exhaustion which was worse in the first trimester but pretty much throughout the entire pregnancy. It probably doesn’t help at all that Abacus will still wake up for milk every other night, because he can be pretty picky about his solids. I feel bad that I haven’t been able to engage the boys in meaningful activities, because some days I just need to crash for a nap with Abacus, but in the long run I’m sure having another sibling will be priceless.

And although I’m pretty convinced that I’m at my biggest EVER (well, maybe because with girls the tummy does bigger and rounder?), at the same time it feels as if my body is so used to being preggers already. I’m lucky I’ve never had morning sickness or bloatedness, and this time round I can still wear my wedding band (I had to stop wearing the slightly smaller engagement ring just a few weeks ago), and my legs are just now starting to get a little chunky, but I guess they would otherwise have problems holding up an extra 10kg anyway. The linea niga hasn’t appeared at all, and I’m extremely thankful that I still don’t have any stretch marks! I definitely know it’s not going to be an easy battle later with the flabby tummy, and I’d much rather try and get rid of that naturally rather than go the way of tummy tucks and such, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

I’ve been having difficulty walking (especially after sitting for a prolonged period of time), and was definitely more agile with the boys. Maybe because they were much “higher” and always pushing toward my ribs, whereas this girl has always been “lower” so the pressure is more on the pelvic area? Some mummies seem to have the same experience based on gender too.

In pregnancy, no drama is always good, but the last month has been quite busy for us, and probably a little too much to handle, which was evidenced in my body giving myself the shingles. Basically it is a resurgence of the chicken pox virus that lies latent in your nervous system (which is also what prevents you from getting the pox a second time), and resurfaces when your immunity is low, or you’re undergoing stress. Although it is related to the chicken pox, it is not contagious, but in early pregnancy it could possibly cause harm to the fetus, and if present at the time of delivery, the baby could catch the chicken pox virus, which could possibly be fatal because they have very low immunity to such viruses, and lead to meningitis. My GP said the bubs must be given a shot at birth, but my gynae (and I so appreciate that he’s not the kang cheong spider type) said to wait until delivery to consult the paeditrician. So cross fingers she’ll stay nice and comfy for another few days for the infection to pass.

And now, we wait 🙂


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