Waiting for the stork to arrive

Both my boys arrived exactly 9 days before EDD, so I was well working toward that timeline. But the days came and went, and there was no news of her. My gynae went on leave, and I developed a cough so I was more than happy to have her take her time. After all, it’s easier looking after them in, than out, I always say, and I was busy trying to make the most of the school holidays for the boys.

It intrigued me that so many people found it surprising that we were still out doing things – spending the day at Gardens by the Bay, out running errands. On the day we were at the Gardens I had 3 similar comments about being out and about! I actually asked a few mummies what they thought I should be doing? Perhaps people were expecting me to be at home with my feet up watching Korean dramas while the boys tear the house down? (That would not have been an option – the stress levels of them bouncing off the walls might have been high enough to bring on contractions…) So although it felt as if I was living day by day, I’d planned a few activities – a trip to an indoor playground, the heritage car weekend, perhaps even Cat in the Hat, and such. After all, they will practically have to be in confinement with me for a month, so I didn’t want to torture them for longer than that lest all of us (MIL and helper included) go crazy!

As with all my other pregnancies, I am always reluctant when delivery time rolls around. Despite all the aches and pains and discomfort that comes with carrying a watermelon around (I actually did ask Mittens if he would like me to strap a honeydew to his waist and see if he could walk around easily!), I’ve been blessed with easy pregnancies and can still move (or waddle?) around easily, even bathing both boys myself. I love the feeling of being pregnant and special, particularly not having to be so conscious and to suck in the flabby tummy left over from the previous pregnancy all the time. To be honest, when we found out i was expecting, I was even a little relieved about not having to worry about the flabby tummy, and had every excuse to eat as much as I wanted! (But no, I don’t really eat for two..).

I will definitely miss the attention but maybe not the stares (sometimes people like to stare at the tummy!), I’ll miss the little squirms and hiccups, the boys giving my tummy kisses or sometimes accidentally bouncing then gently off my tummy. But I think most of all I think I’ll miss the “convenience” of it all – when they’re in your tummy they go where you go, eat what you eat, never cry.. You get what I mean 🙂

I won’t miss waddling, or having to run to the toilet all the time, feeling like I desperately need a massage on some days but haven’t got time to go for one. I’m not looking forward to having to find clothes that hide the baby fats, as in the fats you put on when having a baby, and starting all over again looking after a newborn when Abacus has just reached a level of independence which makes things easier for me, like playing by himself or with (and of course, fighting) his elder brother, or telling me what he wants without me having to play guessing games.

And as I get older, I’m sure it’s going to be tougher physically to recover, but for all my complaining, lamenting and dreading, at least I’m sure that somewhere down the road I won’t be doing any regretting.


4 thoughts on “Waiting for the stork to arrive

  1. Your post so remind me of the time when I was pregnant with my second child. I was still working like 2 weeks before my EDD. And everybody is asking me why am I still appearing at work (including the security guards over at our office). Even my boss got “stressed” so I was asked to take leave at least 1 week before my EDD. Luckily I did, cause the girl decides to pop right on the 1st day of my leave.

    We were also still bringing my boy out on the weekends before I popped. And I got strangers asking me if I’m carrying twins. Cause the tummy was really big then. When I replied no, they will be rather surprised and asked if I’m due soon.

    But I’m not as “garang” as you. I didn’t dare bring the boy to playground. I left most of the physical activity for the hubb and that includes bathing him. I only sit down and play with him so my salute to you for handling not one but two boys!

    Hope you have a smooth delivery!


    1. Lol. I guess girls make the tummy really big! Which I don’t really realize until I see photos of myself. But luckily at the playground the boys can play by themselves, I just sit or walk around a bit to make sure they don’t misbehave 😉


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