kids eats

Mum’s not cooking

Even though I have a helper at home who can whip up pretty decent meals, it’s sometimes such a chore to think about what to have for meals at home especially when you have to feed kids and toddlers. Now that I’m in my confinement month (more on that another day!), I’m quite glad to let my MIL take over the daily menu (and instructing the helper, while she’s at it!).

But for all those days that no one’s cooking, check out this great list of food delivery services from Mummy blogger Jasmine at Gift Wrapsody, that are well beyond your usual KFC, McD’s, and Pizza Huts.

We’ve ordered a few times from Spizza, for ourselves and when we suddenly find ourselves with a few too many guests, and if we want something from the coffee shop but sometimes just getting the whole gang out to the coffee shop seems like too much of a daunting task, there’s Xiao Di Delivery in my area. I am amazed at their service, and the second time I called they even already had all my address details stored! How’s that for CRM? Also we haven’t tried it yet (only within the CBD though, not sure if they’ll deliver to us), but Extra Virgin Pizza looks interesting.

But I’m definitely going to try out some of the others on the list. Some I’ve never even heard of! Now, wonder if I can only find a Starbucks who will deliver to us, then I’d be contented to be home all day….

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