Sweet Charity 2012: Desserts for a Cause

♥ Warm Valrhona chocolate filling in a crisp pastry crust, served with candied hazelnuts and vanilla ice cream — at Tanjong Beach Club.

It’s October again! As autumn rolls by and you wonder where your year has gone and what you’ve (not) achieved this year, throw caution to the wind and drown your sorrows with some sweets. All the better, have some desserts for a good cause!

Similar to what I wrote about last year, Sweet Charity, the annual event where several restaurants get together to offer one of their signature desserts which they and Chope (when you make your reservation and order through them) will donate a portion of the earnings to the NUH Kids’ Heart Fund. This Fund assists children with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) who might be in need of financial assistance.

Coincidentally, as I was starting to write this post, I came across a story about a little girl with CHD in the States who didn’t survive past her fifth day. That was in 2009. Since then, her mother has been advocating pulse oximetry screening for newborns.

Pulse oximetry screening checks the levels of oxygen in the blood and is done regularly here on newborns and often during hospital visits (whether it’s for check-ups or at Children’s Emergency). We, as in all of us living in this amazing country, have easy access to medical expertise. By easy access I mean even if you live on Pulau Ubin or the last kampong on the island, you can still get to a hospital within an hour and receive decent treatment. It’s safe to assume that had we lived anywhere else when Abacus was born, be in a developing country (where medical facilities are just not available) or in a developed country (where it might sometimes take hours to get to where the medical facilities are available), he might not have made it through.

Yet while sometimes there is the medical treatment available, families might not be able to afford it and that’s where the Kids’ Heart Fund comes in. In some cases, such as Abacus’, once the CHD is rectified, they can live as normal kids, and for anyone who knows our  little monster – it’s really made no difference in his life. Except maybe he can downgrade for National Service now, haha!

I’m constantly amazed at the passion and energy of everyone who works at paediatrics at NUH, so if you’re out having dinner at one of these restaurants in October this year, do consider giving yourself a treat to benefit a charity!


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