To market, to market

Image from WPBT2

I’m so glad that supermarkets and grocers are offering their wares online and providing (sometimes free) delivery services too. It was definitely convenient when I was in confinement because I really was not in the mood head out, and I liked being able to see what’s available (online), for how much, instead of having to trouble someone else who might not come back with what you wanted.

These days I’ll also order bulky items online so that I don’t have to haul it all home myself – everything from fresh milk to formula milk powder to diapers, toilet and tissue paper, rice and other heavy things like 5litre bottles of fabric softener. Most of the time I’ll order from NTUC as their prices are usually more competitive and they often have the same specials that they do in stores. Just today I also ordered from RedMart as they were having some specials. It sure beats braving the heat and cashier lines just to ensure the house is well stocked.

If you’re wondering what the online grocery shopping options are, check out Mummy Jasmine’s article on online grocery stores. I’m really loving the convenience!


3 thoughts on “To market, to market

  1. Online shopping’s great isn’t it? Redmart’s prices usually match NTUC’s and I find their website more user-friendly so I’ve been using them when I want to order online.


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