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How I survived the confinement month.

mmm nap time, my favourite time of the day!

It’s taken me almost a week to put up this post because I just haven’t had the time to sit at my Mac at all. I can’t use the iPad because both boys will want it and fight over it, and I swear my eyesight is getting worse with me trying to do everything using the iPhone. Most days I feel as if I’m in over my head with all the scurrying around all the time.

Back to the topic of confinement. I don’t come from the most traditional of families – in fact, my mother herself said that after she had me, once she was able to at the hospital she was up and taking a shower! Anyhow, this is the last month of my life summed up:

Week 1

  • I’m feeling a lot weaker than previous births even though I was on my feet a lot faster after the actual delivery. I guess that’s because I didn’t have any epidural this time, so my legs weren’t all wobbly. The hubby asked why I seemed to get worse after a few days, and I think it was because in the hospital i hardly had to move about, and certainly didn’t have to run/pick up/etc after the boys. He attempts to organise lunch at Gardens by the Bay less than a week after delivery but I think he’s crazy. As it is I’m still waddling around!
  • Oh man, it’s been so hot! Between the blistering heat, the binder or corset, the copious amounts of ginger and the dried dates tea, I’m constantly sweating. Thank goodness I can still shower and sleep in air con comfort at night, and my massage lady says I haven’t got any water retention or wind (but my legs are really really tired). Phew!
  • So glad my MIL is around, we definitely need as many pairs of hands as possible.
  • Pig’s trotters, mmmm. It’s certainly an acquired taste.
  • Abacus has been rather whiney of late. I hope it doesn’t last long.
  • I’ve been having a cough since before the birth, and the dried longan red date tea makes my throat even more itchy. Ugh.

Week 2

  • Still damn hot. And it can’t just be me that’s feeling so warm all the time.
  • I’m surprised by how tired I feel so quickly! Maybe it’s also the lethargy from staying at home all day. Or maybe I’m just tired from watching the boys bouncing off the walls.
  • The girl doesn’t nap easily, but I know it is early days yet. I hope this does not mean another year of rocking to sleep. The first week she’s a bit fretful at night, but by the 2nd week she starts to sleep better at night. I hope she will continue to do so!
  • Am I gassy because all the ginger is expelling it or is the ginger giving me gas?
  • The boys are getting so bored at home. Poor them! Poor me…
  • Still kind of waddling.

Week 3

  • Still hot. Screw it, I’m drinking my plain water with a slight dash of cold-ish water.
  • Pig’s trotters again. Yummm!
  • Not so hot on the ang zhao (red glutinous rice wine) stuff though.
  • I’m surprised that I haven’t induced IBS or turned yellow with this much ginger. I wonder how much ginger one can possibly eat??
  • I take the boys out on a walk to Everton Park to try and find Grin Affair. I push Scout on the pram and the boys ride their bicycle. Within the hour (or less) a group of oldies hanging out by a hardware shop ask if all 3 are mine, proclaim 2 boys 1 girl good, ask me if I have any help, how old Scout is… Then at Grin Affair an Aunty is impressed I’m handling all 3, and at the pedestrian crossing outside our estate another lady (who looks my age) just asks if I have a helper. The nurse from the clinic below my house is waiting for her bus home and when we pass she asks me how old Scout is and seems impressed I have 3. And then a neighbour (whom I recognise) asks how old is Scout, and says something like “2 boys, 1 girl, nice!”, to which I reply “A handful!”. I was amused all this happened within a short walk! Seems like people are feeling particularly friendly. Or find it curious I’m out with 3? Whatever it is, it’s the most I’ve spoken to anyone in WEEKS.

Week 4

  • Is it me or is the weather just so humid??
  • I think the boys are going slightly nuts from staying at home so much.
  • Or maybe the dried longan red date tea is making me gassy.
  • Scout is still not sleeping well during the day, but quite good at night, so I’m just thankful for that! Abacus was still waking up for milk before I had Scout, so the interrupted sleep is not affecting me a lot.
  • MIL announces that the dried longan red date tea is finished. Does that mean I can start taking cold drinks now? Pass me an ice cold Coke, somebody!
  • Abacus is still whiney. I think it’s the terrible twos full on.
  • MIL announces she’s thinking of staying with us another 2 weeks to help us out. Yippee! We could certainly use the extra pair of hands around the house.
  • I’ve been busy making arrangements for the full month parties and it’s nice to be doing something other than just entertaining the kids the whole day.

Now that the month is over, it doesn’t really feel any different, apart from (much) less ginger. I think the best part is that I can go out without having to answer questions about what in doing “out” of the house.

For those who are planning their confinement, I recently came across an interesting article about confinement and the Myths of Confinement (which also compare the confinement traditions of the various ethnic groups), and an impressive DIY confinement menu which gives suggestions of what to cook each and every day and tells you when you can eat what (like Dom and Yomeishu only after the first 2 weeks). Enjoy!


9 thoughts on “How I survived the confinement month.

      1. I pretty much guess where you stay when you mention about the bus stop and clinic 😛

        You mean Nylon? There is going to be another bakery opening next to Nylon soon too. I know there is another bakery already at Blk 2 I think. I wonder what attracted them here to open their shops. Maybe one day my place here will turn to be like Tiong Bahru. But we lack the rustic look that Tiong Bahru offers.


      2. A bakery! That would be nice! I don’t really need a dessert or coffee place so much :p We like the soya bean place at Everton too.
        I read that Kampong Bahru is pretty happening too, but the pathways to get there aren’t kid/pram friendly. Tsk!! These days we walk to the big playground at Cantonment Towers so the boys can expand their energy and sleep early, hee 🙂


      3. I know of the soya bean but have never really tried it before.

        There use to be a rather nice and cheap korean food at Kampong Bahru, but sadly it has close down. Actually I have tried pushing a pram there before, its still quite ok. Just that there are some nite spots there and some people tend to stand outside to smoke, which makes it not so ideal.

        Oh, I always bring my boy to that playground on weekends. He likes it there more than the “little” playground over at our side. But the playground can get quite crowded in the evening. On the few weekdays that I brought the boy there, it was worst. The helpers are all sitting there talking while the kids run around unattended. And the helpers always block up the dual slide, so my boy tend to play at the other side of the playground.


      4. Maybe I will try again, without bicycles or something, because 2 years ago I couldn’t figure out a “safe” way to get from Everton towards the shophouses, and had a scary incident ( Is Chef Icon bakery still there? Any good?

        You are right about all the helpers at the playground! A lot! Late afternoon also a lot of parents bringing their kids back from child care. I think my elder boy likes it there because there are bigger kids for him to play with.


    1. Hmmm… I don’t go to Kampong Bahru often so I’m not sure if the bakery is still there. I don’t remember seeing any bakery there. But again maybe I didn’t look carefully. I can check it out for you when I by pass it.

      I get what you mean when you talk about the narrow walkways and all. Actually once you are familiar with the area, you can more or less guess how it works. And pushing a stroller will be fine.

      There is also a way that you can take without cutting through Everton from your estate to Kampung Bahru. You can cross over using the traffic light at the cross junction between your estate and mine (i.e Neil Road). And just walk straight and cross Everton Road, you will reach Kampung Bahru. But I agree with you that with the area actually is not a flat area. So maybe not with the bicycles. And after you reach Kampung Bahru, the first few houses has no walk way in front of their house, so be really careful. Alternatively, you can turn left into Everton Road and walk the smaller alley. There is no walkway there also and not so ideal for strollers but there are generally lesser vehicle. But once you reach the shop houses with walkway it will be much easier.

      Now you are tempting me to go checkout the bakery since I need to get a cake this weekend. 😛


      1. Thanks, that’s some good advice! I think I should not be too garang and bring all the kids myself unless I’m sure of the route since there might be some traffic dangers haha. Maybe can go with hubby when he’s free. We recently started going to Mariner’s Corner, I love how they are so retro, even the music is so 80’s! Feels very nostalgic 🙂

        The bakery is called Chef Icon, a few doors down from OKB, which looks pretty interesting. Oh have you tried Glacé Patisserie at Chinatown Plaza (or something?), corner of Neil, Craig and Keong Saik Roads? You can also check out their website if you’re looking for a cake!


      2. Woah you really know the area well… I think I know which building you are talking about, its where “This Fashion” use to be right? I know there is this Flor Patisserie at Duxton Hill. I heard not bad. Now I got one more choice. I will check it out. Thanks!

        Yes I have been to the Mariner’s Corner once although its like so near. I thought the food was pretty good and value for money. But I haven’t got a chance to go there to eat again.


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