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Memories in Print

Finally, after 3 babies, we’ve finally done a newborn shoot. Back in the day, before any kids (which seems like an eternity away!), I took up a photography dSLR course at Objectifs with my friend S. So when Mittens was born, I thought I’d try to take some of my own photos of him. As it turns out, it was more difficult than I imagined, especially when you don’ t know enough about lighting. So the days went by, and I managed to get a few decent shots. With Abacus, the days passed so quickly and I was either too tired or too busy (or too worried about his health!) to arrange a shoot, so the days went by too.

This time round, I’m so thankful that S has recently started experimenting with newborn shoots, and we went together to shoot another friend’s twins. He managed to get some great shots, whereas I realised that it’s impossible to shoot properly with two boys running around.

Anyway I was more than happy for him to come over and shoot Scout, so here are some of his lovely photos for your viewing pleasure. I’m am soooooo happy with the shots, and I hope he’ll come back and shoot her when she’s slightly older to shoot again!

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