Before and not-so-great After.

Baby Scout turned 2 months yesterday, and I know it’s only been 2 months, but I’ve been lamenting my post-baby body since…oh almost 5 years ago. Only it gets worse after each baby, and I’m now convinced that my feet, rib cage, and hips have no hope of returning to its pre-babies form. I often say that they have gone to the point of no return. In fact, when I was secretly happy about being preggers with Scout because it meant that I would have a good excuse to be sporting a tummy and not have to keep sucking it in.

People often talk about weight, but I’m really not bothered about the number on the scale – I’m more bothered about flab where it shouldn’t be! I was (was!) on the skinny side, so I don’t really mind having larger hips, but do they really have to come along with the love handles? I’m now convinced that my vital stats from here on are going to resemble the vital stats of say, a tree trunk – the hips protrude one way, and the tummy the other.

It is definitely a small price to pay for these wonderful little miracles of life, but women certainly do get the short end of the stick, with child bearing being so demanding on our bodies. After Mittens I did post-natal yoga with Inspire Mum & Baby and Mother & Child, but it just got more difficult to find the time with more kids.

And don’t even talk to me about squeezing some time in to exercise – most days I’m too tired to do anything but “moisturise” my shoulders with some Counterpain and can’t wait to put my feet up. Some days are so bad I need Counterpain on them legs! Hopefully next year I’ll have some time to get some something decent going. Maybe a weekly run and yoga class. Something other than running after the boys and carrying a sack of rice around the house, which obviously hasn’t done me much good. I certainly don’t want to consider the option of having a tummy tuck, but the flabby flappy tummy is definitely not going to be easy to get rid of.

Here’s also a funny post by Accidental Sumpermommi about post-baby bodies. How do you feel about your post-baby body?


10 thoughts on “Before and not-so-great After.

  1. My baby Natalie just turn 1 month old last Wednesday and yes, tell me about the flabby tummy.. haha.. i choose to stay positive n forcus on my baby, feeding and diaper-changing.. plus housework! hope the extra fats will be gone soon:)


    1. Congrats to you too!! Is this your first baby? I think it probably gets tougher to get that tummy back in shape with each subsequent baby… Oh well, I’ll think about it after I finish up this tub of Ben & Jerry’s. Haha!!


      1. my 2nd baby…. and I already had such a hard time shedding only a tiny bit of weight after number 1…. arrrgghhh… BUT I’m sooooo going to buy a few tubs of ice-cream when confinement ends!! Ben & Jerry’s — *drool* =p


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