Transformers – More than meets the eye

Autobots, roll out!

It’s the school holidays and we’ve got lots of time to kill, or rather, Mummy has to entertain the kids, so I thought it would be fun to go for lunch and then let the boys see the Transformers Meet & Greet at Central Mall. I think I might have liked it a whole lot more than the kids because the costumes are amazing! Very nicely done and quite real. Abacus almost cried so I had to carry him on stage (that explains why I’m carrying 2 kids in the photo above), and Mittens was also a little uneasy, which is why he wasn’t smiling at all. I later tried to explain to him that there were people inside the costumes.

I was pleasantly surprised that Mittens was so keen to go up during competition time to do the challenge, which was to spell the word “Transformers”. QED since the words are printed up there on stage, and the compere let him face the words while spelling it out. At the recent PTM, his teacher had said that he lacks the confidence to speak in front of the group, which I find curious because he doesn’t seem that way outside of school at all, and going up on stage is definitely more frightening than speaking out in school!

Transformers Prime Meet & Greet

Central Mall
Sat 17 Nov to Sun 2 Dec
At The Gallery 1F
Every Sat & Sun
1pm, 3pm, 5pm.

Take a photo with the Transformers with a minimum spend of $30, limited to the first 30 shoppers per session.


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