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Christmas Reading

Mummy Angeline recently posted a list of her 10 favourite Christmas books, and it’s a great way to talk about Christmas to children – whom must be rather confused reading about Christmas, snow, etc. since we don’t have snow, and most books don’t talk about Christmas in 30degree weathers (somehow just not as romantic, isn’t it?).

So I headed over to the Queenstown library the other day – and I thought there might be some Christmas books in a section of its own, especially for the non-fiction ones, but apparently there isn’t (or at least not in the JP Juvenile Picture section?). The librarian did offer to scan through the shelves to pull out the Christmas books, but I seemed to have pretty good luck spotting a few and didn’t want to trouble her. And then another librarian who had overheard us talking about Christmas books had spotted a few and passed them to me! How’s that for initiative!

Last year, I sent the library a suggestion that they display Christmas-themed books for everyone’s easy reference. And they wrote back with a very short list of age-appropriate titles. Why didn’t they think it was a good idea instead of sending us all hunting? Roll eyes. Anyhow, below are a few of the books as recommended by the library, except I didn’t think that they were all that fantastico. Mummy Angeline’s list was waaay better! The books can be found in the BA section, which is basically BABY board books. I tried to include a link to the NLB catalogue to show you the full details of the book but apparently the searches don’t work that. Sorry guys!

782.28 DEP -[BA]
SLA – [BA]
394.2663 LEW -[BA]
Book jacket

By the way, I love (LOVE!) the NLB mobile site, at m.nlb.gov.sg/ because you can search for a book, check availability, and then SMS yourself the details! So you don’t have to write anything down on a piece of paper that you might forget to the library and get all annoyed with yourself. Only thing is that I find sometimes SMS isn’t detailed enough and doesn’t include the essential information like JP or BA or wherever the book might be located, sending you on a semi-domesticated wild goose chase. You’ve been warned.


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