Staycation: Orchard Hotel

I can’t believe how fast the school holidays are going by! I’m so glad I didn’t try to cram in too many activities like camps and such, because there always seem to be things to do. It’s been a busy year end for us, with us changing our helper (more about that another time), and falling quite sick with bad coughs.

We’d been toying with the idea of going on a holiday during this period for the longest time – maybe without the kids, maybe with all the kids, maybe with just the boys, maybe a cruise, maybe a city destination, maybe a resort, but in the end nothing worked out because either the flights were not available or too expensive, or it just didn’t seem enticing enough for us to jump out of our seats and go (or to make a passport for Scout), so in the end we decided to stay put.

Following a lovely staycation in October at the Mandarin Oriental (in a nutshell – very nice, but not outstanding rooms, but exceptional service all round), we decided to cash in the free night’s stay that comes with the Millennium Hotels’ dining card, a la carte, and booked ourselves to a lovely room at the Orchard Hotel that is bigger than my home. Sad, but true.

Big ass living and dining room.

The thing I really liked about Orchard Hotel is that kids below 12 are allowed in the Club Lounge all day until 6pm when they start serving cocktails. And the nice thing about having a big ass room was that one kid could be napping in the room while the others were watching tv miles away. We’ve all been nursing the flu, and the weekend we were there it was raining on and off, so we never ventured out (or even to the pool), and basically just ate and slept and watched tv.

Lovely big bedroom with the boys already bouncing off the bed. We put 2 cots in there and still had lots of room to shimmy around.

I’m undecided whether I would want to stay there again. Although it is one of the better local Millenium Hotels (Grand Copthorne and M Hotel being the other two pretty decent ones, while King’s Copthorne’s suite, yes, SUITE, had the most filthy carpeting ever. I couldn’t walk across the room barefoot without having the urge to go wash my feet.
The location is fantastic, but even with these renovated rooms, the hotel has a certain lackluster.


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