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Why hello, 2013!


I can almost remember the last NYE like it was just a month ago – but at the same time, so much has happened. You know how the old adage goes – time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana. Ha!!

Let’s see, the highlight this year has definitely been our little darling, and you can read more about how she’s changed our lives in my first ever guest post A Year of Growing Together, on my lovely friend The Gingerbread Mum‘s blog. Next year will see her growing by leaps and bounds, same for the boys, especially Abacus who will start school this week.

Then we went through four helpers (don’t even get me started), I qualified as a yoga kids instructor (while 6 months preggers), as well as an REA, and next year looks set for me to be picking up more new skills. I was also invited to join the Singapore Mom Bloggers, and have met so many inspiring, hilarious, like-minded mummies, so thank you to all my dear readers (yes, all six of you, not including my immediate family) for finding this blog interesting.

I may not have any significant work achievements to talk of (the less drama there the better, definitely), but for mums it’s the little things that give us a lot of satisfaction, like being able to put all your kids to bed at a decent time, bringing them out for lunch by yourself (on a Saturday too, what was I thinking??), being able to whip up a meal while watching three kids, driving them around with one yapping all the time and another crying (thankfully the middle one is usually quite quiet), or going through a day without losing your cool. Or losing a kid. Or killing anyone. I’m sure there are mums who can do much more, but I’m pretty happy with the year’s achievements, and that everyone still surviving is quite a bonus. I believe that as time goes by it only gets easier to handle the kids, so since I made it through this year, I’m sure I can make it through the next, and I plan to to fully enjoy the ride while I’m at it!

Adios, 2012. It was good while it lasted, but now it’s time to move on. Watch this space!


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