January Wanderlust

A lovely venue, for a lovely retreat in Uluwatu.
A lovely venue, for a lovely retreat.

Do you sometimes feel as if your life is divided between events, like holidays? We have just returned from a short getaway and there was a bit of drama before going (like me getting my first fever in years, kids getting used to school, etc.), and it feels like I’m just counting down the days until Chinese New Year. Are y’all looking forward to the frenzy leading up to CNY eve already??

We went on a couples retreat of a lovely four days away from (all) the kids. It wasn’t anything like the movie Couples Retreat, but we did travel with six other couples, and it was so nice to have some decent adult conversation and massages every day, and not have to look after any kids, although sometimes it felt like the men were reliving their boyhood days (especially since some have known each other since primary school!).

For one couple, it was their first holiday together without the kids (and their eldest is already in Primary 1), and I guess mums like myself who face the kids the whole entire day feel much less guilty about abandoning them with their grandparents and running off on an adults-only holiday. But a lot of credit has to be given to my ILs who are willing to look after all three (!) while we were gone. Thankfully Scout can sometimes nap for 2-3 hours at a time, giving them a little breather, and my MIL even found the time to make the meals for the kids, including my nephew who joined them on one of the evenings.

I have to say, that I think that travel is not the cure for wanderlust. In fact, it creates more wanderlust. Very often I’ve barely tarted my trip and already I’m dreaming of my next trip. Where will we go next? Hong Kong? Taiwan? Gold Coast? Who will be bring/leave behind? Wherever it is, the truth is, that at the end of any holiday, no matter how enjoyable, its always nice to come back to the arms of your little ones, and sleep in your own bed again.


2 thoughts on “January Wanderlust

  1. Great that you managed to get away for a holiday without kids! I’m quite determined to do that at least once a year if I can. I’m also already dreaming of my next holiday. And no… Not looking forward to cny frenzy at all!


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