Chinese New Year goodies

It’s been a while since I posted anything remotely related to home based activities for kids, mainly because I haven’t been doing much. Most of my time at home is spent carrying, entertaining, nursing baby, and breaking up fights. Some nights are rough so my preferred mode of entertainment is to bring the kids to the playground so that I don’t have to do so much entertaining and they can expand some of that seemingly endless energy.

Anyhow, since the boys are ripe for learning more about our culture, and Chinese New Year in particular, here are some resources that you might find interesting:


  1. Making Mum brings you some idea of how you can put together a lapbook on Chinese New Year, including a link to her own printables and some resources including a nice video from Tao Shu, which I’ve put at the end of this post. And also a I Spy jar for Chinese New Year, also with some printables!


  1. Great RaceHappy Lunar New Year! – If Only I Had Super Powers
    This Super Woman has several free and paid resources for (my guess) K1 and up. I’m definitely downloading some of these! It was also through one of her posts that led me to the book, The Great Race: The Story of the Chinese Zodiac, which I borrowed from the library and Mittens and I really liked it because he’s quite into being a rat, and of course he loves that the rat is the first animal in the zodiac.
  2. 10 books about China and Chinese New Year – by No Time for Flashcards10 books about China and Chinese New Year
    One of my favourite sites, there are quite a few good books listed here
  3. Another book list here – from I’m Not The Nanny’s 4 Children’s Books For The Lunar New Year


  1. Crafts for Chinese New Year! (thecraftycrow.net)
  2. Snake Craft (also from No Time For Flashcards)year of the snake craft for kids
  3. Simple Snake Craft from A Juggling Mom
  4. Ang pow lantern making from Mammie’s Thots
  5. Ang pow fish from DinoFamily – And not just ol’ fish, Dino Mama shows you how to origami up a gold fish. WOW!
  6. Nick Jr.’s Ni Hao Kai-Lan has some printables, including a Dragon Table Puppet

I’m looking forward to this Chinese New Year – it will be Scout’s first CNY, and I’m looking forward to all the yummy goodies. Oh I meant looking forward to the children enjoying the festivities and learning more about our culture because we’re not the most traditional family. What are some of your favourite CNY activities for kids?

p.s. I’ll try and update this post if I come across more fun stuff!


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