Son Turns Five, Mother Barely Pulls Off Birthday Parties

The most awesome day ever..for him. Not me.
The most awesome day ever..for him. Not me.

Some mothers do a really awesome job of organising birthday parties, with the most amazing details to the party theme, decor, venue, goodie bags, and cake.

I, my friends, am not one of those people.

This year we booked a yacht for Mittens’ fifth birthday, but we were so busy every night that we hardly had time to discuss all the logistics. I thought that I could perhaps do a lovely nautical theme, and even got Mittens to agree on a nautical themed cake, but last minute at the cake shop he decided he wanted a Transformers cake, but Balmoral Bakery are very VERY old school and only have the More-than-meets-the-eye kind of Transformers from the 80s. So he decided on an angry birds cake. So there went my entire nautical theme.

Then we had intended to order party packs from Swissbake but we procrastinated until we couldn’t order it on time, and then we thought we might get those mini buffets from a catering company but also cannot make it on time. Fail, right? Luckily the hubby came up with the brillaint idea of getting platters from Subway, which were the perfect picnic/boat outing food. Party (barely) saved!

The party went pretty smoothly, and as expected, I was the hostess with the mostest. Puking, that is. In the last few months I’ve been randomly getting some motion sickness, so for this trip I bought Blackmores Travel Calm tablets, but forgot to take them 1-2 hours before travelling, and I was queasy all the way. It probably wasn’t just me because almost half the party was either puking or feeling like it, still it was quite a damper for me.

I was so busy I didn't get a close up photo of the Star Wars Angry Birds! Angry! grr!
I was so busy I didn’t get a close up photo of the Star Wars Angry Birds! Angry! grr!

We also had a celebration in school for him, also with an Angry Birds cake, but this time my mother made a simple chocolate fudge cake, and similar to his Transformers cake last year where we put the small size Transformers toys on the cake as decorations, we used the Angry Birds Star Wars Fighter Pods Jenga Tatooine Battle Game figurines on the cake. I really can’t take any credit for the decorations, I was too busy carrying Scout, and the hubby was the one who got the cake ready in school. I didn’t even manage to take a close up photo, but here it is!

If our lives were to be a newspaper headline, it would probably be “Son turns five, mother barely pulls off birthday celebrations”. Boy am I glad it’ll be a couple of months before I have to start thinking about Abacus’s birthday – I get a headache just thinking about that boat ride again!


7 thoughts on “Son Turns Five, Mother Barely Pulls Off Birthday Parties

  1. Yatch party is really cool, nobody will remember the details. Every year at Sophia’s birthday I get into a mad party planning frenzy and end up with a so-so party anyway. Nothing near as cool as yours 🙂


  2. Love that you have such a great sense of humour! I think you’re being way too hard on yourself. I mean, you booked him a yacht! I’m sure Mittens thinks he had a wonderful party, regardless of what you think you missed out. 😉
    By the way, I’ve just nominated you for the Beautiful Mama Blog Award. To see what the award is about and how to accept it, please read my post. Thanks! 🙂



    1. Wow! I’m so honored! Thanks!! I don’t know about being beautiful though, children certainly age you, but I guess if you’re Chinese and you have kids, you can probably siphon away their CNY collections to your “aesthetics work funds” like I’m planning to 😉



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