Turning Five

Happy fives, my darlings!
Happy fives, my darlings! (Taken at 2 weeks old)

Last week Mittens turned five and Scout five months. We celebrated with cake for Mittens and scraped apple for Scout, which she did not like at all.

Both of them have grown tremendously in recent months, in different ways. Mittens can now cycle proper after striding on his bike for a month or so, and is surprising us every day with taking on new tasks as part of his growing independence. When I look at my boy, I sometimes wonder where all the time went and how much he’s grown. He is still naughty as ever (or even more, if that’s possible), but I guess that’s boys, eh?

You crack me up, Mum!
You crack me up, Mum!

As for Scout, you know how people say having a baby is like an extension of yourself? Well Scout currently has an identity crisis and think she’s actually one of my appendages, and sometimes cries the house down if she doesn’t see me, or even if I’m within sight but someone else is carrying her. Unfortunately this also happens when I’m driving since she’s backward facing in the infant carrier in the back seat, making it pretty stressful to drive. Even having her favorite brother sometimes seated next to her doesn’t seem to calm her. It’s a little early to be having separation anxiety but I guess it’s normal given that I’m with her 24/7, and I’m literally her lifeline. And although I spend a good amount of time carrying her and my arms are constantly aching, I’m enjoying all these precious moments while I can (and lathering on the Counterpain at night).

Tell you a secret, Gege..
Tell you a secret, Gege..

She is starting to sit, and to reach for toys, but my favourite is when she reaches for my face, or tries to feel her  brother’s prickly hair, or taste it, even. We’re so enamored by her ready smiles, even if you wake her after the shortest nap. She is quite the calm baby (except in the car), and given that she has two very boisterous brothers, I’m so thankful that she doesn’t freak out at the loud noises they make all the time.

Sometimes with all the hustle and bustle of the day to day tasks, I find it hard to really be in the moment and enjoy the kids. How quickly they grow! I’m going to promise myself to laugh, hug and kiss more, and scold and nag less, (I try, ok??) and I hope one day they’ll look back and say that they too, enjoyed the ride with me.

One thought on “Turning Five

  1. These are beautiful photos of your kids.
    Kids grow up too quick. I need to enjoy them more and nag/scold less too…
    Happy 5th Birthday to your Mittens!


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