Staycation: Hard Rock Hotel Sentosa

All kids love playing on beds, don't they?
All kids love playing on beds, don’t they?

We grabbed the chance to spend 2 nights at RWS‘s Hard Rock Hotel Sentosa with an offer from Groupon, (they often do similar deals, not terribly cheap but decent value) and it was our first time staying there. I’m sure most of you happening people have already been there, but for the benefit of maybe that one family who hasn’t, here’s my review.

kids doing what kids love to do
kids doing what kids love to do. I do love the purples though.

We were given a Police room, as in The Police, but I personally don’t find all the music memorabilia and decor very exciting. What I did like the most was the flooring of the lift lobby. In the basement. Everything else is a little too dark for my liking. Anyway the rooms are decent size, with an interesting pull out bed, which is so much better than having a roll away bed, and with 3 kids you definitely need more than one king sized bed for all of us.

There was also a day bed which can be slept comfortably on too, but their baby cots are the metal type, which I think aren’t very ideal if they (the babies) roll around a lot. They did provide me with a contoured bath tub, but mostly they just bank on the location of the hotel and don’t pay much attention to details. The service was quite unimpressive – trying to get more towels from housekeeping was always so difficult (I DO have a family of five, y’know!), and probably they lack staff overall because you hardly see anyone around, and when you do there is nary a greeting.

The "beach"!
The “beach”!

But where everything else fails to impress, the pool makes up for. A beach! At the pool! Where else in Singapore can you find such a clean “beach” with deck chairs and towels provided? I love the concept! It appeals to the OCD in me because I feel very uncomfortable going to the beaches here, not knowing what bacteria and litter might lie beneath.

Such a rare moment to be able to capture this photo without any body else in it!
Such a rare moment to be able to capture this photo without any body else in it!

We spent half a day at Universal Studios Singapore. It was my third time there but I’ve only been on a handful of rides because the kids are always too young. This time I managed to get on all of TWO rides (King Julien’s Beach Party Go Round and Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase) because I was with Scout most of the time. The boys did enjoy themselves but I think they will appreciate it more when they’re older. Or at least I know I will enjoy it more when they’re older!!

We also did the Maritime Experential Museum which I’m not sure if I would pay for if it wasn’t included in the package. Hubby did comment that the Typhoon Theatre was pretty interesting (alas I was busy watching 2 kids this time since Abacus was napping and certainly didn’t want to traumatise Scout). We’ll definitely be back to come to the S.E.A. Aquarium, especially after seeing that one window at the museum which shows part of the shark tank and it has more sharks than I’ve ever seen in my entire life times ten times, probably. Just as well I hung up my fins and booties years ago.

Overall the hotel is decent, if the rates are around SGD $200+. It can go up to $500+ and even $1k+ in which case it would be ridiculously overpriced. But you know what they say, its all about location, location, location. It’s so convenient being so close to all the attractions and this was one staycation that really felt like a holiday because there are so many attractions nearby and so many tourists too. I wouldn’t mind staying in the area again, definitely!

We’ve been finding that with our family of 5, especially with the smallest one, it’s just been easier to do staycations rather than to plan a real holiday, which might end up not really being a holiday for poor ol’ mummy. Where should we stay next?


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