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Over in the Meadow

I’ve picked up a few random books from the library, only to fall in love with their quirky, lovely, refreshing copy and design. And then I noticed that they were all by the same publisher, a little company called Barefoot Books. We’ve borrowed many books from the Bear series (which are translated into many languages and our local libraries stock many of the Chinese versions which I wrote about previously here), The Great Race, Ship Shapes and of course, Over In The Meadow.

(Click on images to see them on the Barefoot Books site)

Then recently we read in Abacus’s communications book that they watched the If You’re Happy and You Know It nursery rhyme video on YouTube (with a lovely twist of adding “Hello” in different languages at the end), and from here I discovered the Over The Meadow clip, to go along with the absolutely adorable book. The tune, with a little bit of a traditional (Irish?) spin is so lovely and catchy that your toddlers are sure to love. Mittens wants to listen to it on repeat and I would love to buy a numerical poster to put up in their room!

They also have books with cultural influences, worth checking out too.

Wonderfully whimsical and absolutely lovely, I’m definitely going to be scouring our libraries for more of their books. Enjoy the clips 🙂


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