Staycation: W Singapore Sentosa Cove

We have been toying with the idea of staying  at W Singapore Sentosa Cove after being totally bowled over by W Retreat & Spa Seminyak. W hotels have this fantastic vibe, very edgy, artsy, chic and fashionable – totally not me nor what I try to be, so it’s nice to be immersed in something different once in a while.

Here is the gist of my review, which I also put up on Tripadvisor.

20130403-105222.jpgAs with Seminyak, the service was impressive as always, although the lobby at times and Sunday breakfast was completely packed to the brim. In correspondence with the hotel over our reservation I mentioned that it was our wedding anniversary, and they took the initiative to send us a cake. A lovely surprise! They also upgraded us to a room that overlooks the pool and harbour, and if you’re on a holiday that’s probably the way to go, otherwise you won’t look out to anything much.

20130403-105250.jpgIf like us you have kids who love to swim – the pool gets both morning and afternoon sun so it’s the perfect pool, nice and warm all the time! They only have 2 baby bath tubs, so if you really need one you might have to bathe your baby in the sink like we did, although it was do-able. They do provide decent baby cots but no baby amenities (not that I was expecting any). There are so many great restaurants within walking distance of the hotel so it was easy for us to feed our toddlers and get them out for some walks. They have bicycles (and even a kids bike, but maybe more for 6s and up) on loan, or bring your own skate scooters. They also provide floats, tubes and water guns at the pool, and the pool is very well staffed.

20130403-105232.jpgOverall I think it’s a great place for kids because W properties are really such a visual and tactile treat, and if you have kids like mine who love to touch everything, this is one of the places where they can explore without reservation. Of course, I say without reservation, I didn’t say without decorum. They have queen beds in their twin rooms, so we booked a twin room to fit in the whole village. Well with 3 kids sometimes it feels like an entire village. And the best thing is that there are so many dining options right outside the hotel – and even a Crystal Jade (and Cold Storage!) at One°15 Marina in the little enclave. We had one lunch at Brussels Sprouts (kids eat free!) which was decent enough.

Although we both felt that Seminyak is a nicer property – larger estate and rooms and a sprawling pool next to the beach, these two properties are a little different, so perhaps the most ideal order would be to stay at Sentosa Cove then do Seminyak. Rooms here at Sentosa Cove certainly don’t come cheap, but it is a world of difference compared to the RWS hotels, which all they have going for them are their location. I do think that Ws are so different from many other hotels, and even though I haven’t stayed in a local “boutique” hotel in a long time, I still prefer the bigger chains for their standards in service and attention to the little details. I would love to stay here again, but then again, there are so many hotels and so little time (and money!).

Have you been to any of the Ws? How was your stay there?

6 thoughts on “Staycation: W Singapore Sentosa Cove

  1. I have never been but I’ve heard such rave reviews about their rooms and service standards. I’m now tempted to book ourselves a staycation after looking at your pictures, which are great btw!


    1. Yes, they are quite impressive but more so when they’re not busy lah. At some points the lobby felt so crowded but at least it’s not like the MBS lobby which feels like a market or something haha!


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