7 months


My little girl has turned 7 months! I thought that it would get easier as the days went by, but I was wrong. The boys are always fighting, and add to that Scout is only getting heavier, and has been having separation anxiety since she was 4 months. I indulge her because it’s a natural instinct since I’m with her 24/7, and I’m where the milk is. And I know that she’ll grow up all too soon, but I am so so thankful and in awe of my dear hubby who will handle both boys on his own when he’s around so that I don’t get too stretched trying to juggle everything and everyone with Miss Clingy attached to my hip.

Her 2-3 hour naps have disappeared in favour of 45minute ones, which usually includes nursing, so sometimes that means I get like 5 minutes to run around and do anything before she’s up again. I hope the tide will change soon and suspect it’s because she’s been going through some major milestones recently, which might be affecting her sleep. She didn’t flip much, in favour of sitting, much thanks to the boys who provide so much entertainment she’s rather sit up and watch the entertainment – and my PD agrees with me on this. So now she has been sitting steadily for quite a while, and can even push up from lying to sitting. She is now on her fours, already inching herself forward, again credit to the boys because I’m convinced she’s really trying to crawl away from them. Or towards them to snatch their toys. Oh and she’s attempting to pull herself up. Quite the busy bee, she is!

She is still as calm as ever – earlier today Abacus was trying to roll her across the floor – something I do with them when they’re older, and there weren’t any complaints from her. But she’s quite the grabber, and will express her displeasure if you try and pry things out of her grasp.

Although it’s usually madness around here, so often I look at them and think that even though they would beg to differ, they are so so lucky to have each other. The boys share my joy as she grows and acquires new skills, and sometimes take to teaching or explaining things to her. She is one lucky girl 🙂




8 thoughts on “7 months

  1. I’m sorry you’re not getting much (if any) break during the day! My little boy was like that too when he was younger. I’d say it started around 7 months and went on for a few months. Went away and I thought I was free but then it “hit” again at 13 months, lasting for less time that time. Phew! I really think it’s just stages and developments that are unseen but surely FELT! 😉 I hope her naps get longer. Short naps, I’ve heard/read, mean overtired, so maybe try putting her down earlier for her nap? xo


    1. Yeah I’m sure it’ll pass eventually (maybe when she’s 5? Lol) but also it’s been more difficult to keep to schedules because of either the noise or we’re out for activities for the boys. I’m going to go check Gina Ford and Weissbluth now to see if there are any nuggets of wisdom. Thanks 😉


  2. I have two older boys and my third is also a girl, so I get what you mean. My girl is physically more active, all thanks to her two brothers. It’s “usually madness” around here too. But again, they grow up so fast, before you know it, they’re all off to school and the house is quiet again. Hope you’ll be able to get some rest soon!


    1. Yes, sometimes I think about the times they’ll all be in school and wonder what I’ll do with myself! I’m kind of looking forward to that time when I’ll have more me-time but then again I don’t want them to grow up so fast!


  3. Lol at the part you said she’s really trying to crawl away from the boys. My second son who is 8 months now also developed much faster than his elder brother. He started crawling at 7 months and he’s starting to cruise now! And I’m also convinced its because he always sees his elder brother running around and hence trying to ‘copy’ him hahahha…


    1. The boys are quite rowdy and rough sometimes, I would be trying to run away if I were her 😉 I think someone to copy is very good for them and makes our job easier too, like for toilet training too!


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