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The passage of life

Bump #1
Bump #1

I have never had to go on a diet. Yes, you heard that right – never ever ever! In primary school I was teased (just a little) as underweight, and I had to take that horrible medicine for worms just in case I really did have worms. My mother was a little insulted by that because I did eat, and lots, and as for the teasing, she told me “He who laughs last has the best laugh”, which at that time confused me more than it helped.

As I grew older, I realised I did have the last laugh, and enjoyed the days of not having to worry about my shape or what I ate. But, as you mummies will know, pregnancy changes your body in so many ways. With the boys I was lucky that I didn’t balloon into a Michelin man, although my body “grew” in size – the hips and rib caged widened to accommodate the needs of the babies. Which was relatively fine.

Both boys were delivered at a decent 3.1kg, but with the girl I actually lost 1kg in the first trimester, which isn’t a lot. Some mummies lose even more in the first trimester, but I wanted her to be of a decent size of at least her brothers’ weight if not more. So when my appetite started to return (before that I barely eat one-third of a meal), I made it a point to eat as much as I could, whenever I could! In the last trimester I even calculated how many weeks I had left, what the weight gain was like each week, to estimate the size and make sure I was on track to exceeding 3kg. Thankfully my get-fat-diet worked, and she was delivered already sporting chubby cheeks and lotus root arms at 3.87kg. I certainly outdid myself!

Look at those cheeks!!
Look at those cheeks!!

And now, flash forward 8 months later to today, no more baby in the belly, of course all that eating has also left me with horrible flabby tummy. I can live with being a dress size or two (or three) larger, but the tummy, oh the flabby tummy! It just annoys me to no end.

And of course I would love to have a personal trainer or be on a strict diet or have the energy to do sit ups, which I could possibly do at the expense of the house burning down or the boys killing each other while I’m not watching but really don’t have the energy and time to. I am, however, trying to eat in moderation and more healthily.

I know, I’ve whined about my post-pregnancy body before, but this post is not about so much about that. Today, I came across a very lovely and poetic account of the changes our bodies have to go through in motherhood – These are the lines of a story by Mary Martin Weins. It really really moved me, and I hope you will like it too.


4 thoughts on “The passage of life

  1. Can I just tell you that I was recently congratulated on my ‘pregnancy’, nine months AFTER I’ve given birth? Think I’m the one who needs to be on a diet instead of you…


  2. Oh I can totally identify with those feelings of that belly! Thank you for sharing that post, it was beautifully written. So cheers for all our battle scars that mark our journey of motherhood!


  3. Aw I love reading the post. Thanks for sharing, makes me feel like I’m not alone when I look in the mirror and can’t seem to recognise that belly. I was also the type who could eat tonnes and not get fat when I was younger. Well, motherhood changes just everything. Still, I’m pretty sure Angel loves me from head to toe so that kind of makes it, alright. =) Btw, I just wanna pinch those chubby cheeks, how adorable!


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