8 Months, and boy time is flying!


I’m not regular with the baby updates, but since this past month has been so filled with activity, I would like to put it on record before my mummy amnesia gets to it. This month there has been a lot of crawling, pulling and pushing herself up to standing, loving cereal (not so much porridge) and most things that I put in it including pork and liver (!), feeding herself puffs and pinching them pretty well – even picking them off her clothes or the floor, shaking and beating toys together and going from practically no water at all to drinking (some) water from a straw. For a total breast fed baby I am also so surprised and relieved that she takes to holding her own bottles of formula between feeds (heng ah!!).

"I want in, boys!"
“I want in, boys!”

She’s at that age where she’s the picture of the quintessential baby in milk formula and other ads touting healthy or brainy babies, and every day I think that this must be the cutest age. With so many changes happening and so quickly, I often wish that she could stay this way for longer. Adding to this desire is my two boys who too are learning so many new things everyday. Abacus is speaking and singing so so much more now since he started school earlier this year, and looks like he might be riding a bicycle soon. Mittens has already dropped one of his milk teeth, learnt to swim and ride a bicycle, and is acting more and more like a little man these days. The other day he sat in his father’s chair at work, leaned back and folded his arms at the back of his head and declared, “I’m the boss!”.

Grandma with her brood (the older girl is my niece, but she could make a twin for Abacus!)

Toddler-hood, although strained by tantrums and other physically and emotionally demanding challenges on us parents, are undoubtedly the period that children are at their cutest. Apparently the scientific explanation for their chubbiness and big eyes and disproportionate head to body ratio is because we’re tuned to like “cute” things, and that cues the motherly instincts to ensure the survival of the next generation.

And toddlers certainly are a tough bunch to look after, requiring so much patience and understanding from us parents. Having a baby around, as a comparison and watching her grow, has been a stark reminder of just how fast things change. I hope that during these days of chaos now, I’ll remember to treasure each moment and each day, living in the moment with them, before they’re gone too soon.

7 thoughts on “8 Months, and boy time is flying!

    1. Haha thanks 🙂 For the liver well it’s not like I put a piece for each meal, I cooked a slab of liver with pork and blended just a few pieces of each to freeze with the stock and she seems to like it more than the fishy fish version!


  1. I have lost track of all these growing up moments and it is scary how time just flies past us. I am still trying to teach my little fellow to drink from the straw… not progressing well on that one! Scout’s such a cutie!


  2. She’s really cute in the picture! My younger one is also 8 months coming 9 months old now and he has started cruising! Too fast man.. and this is really the age where they’re really the cutest. Your last sentence feels so poignant, but agree with you. To treasure each moment with them, in the now, before its all gone too soon.


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