Priceless (A short film)

cINE65 2013 is a national short film competition for film enthusiasts to tell their Singapore story. I came across this film Priceless on FB.

I loved this short film, not just because the boy can act well (seriously, where does TCS get their “actors”?), or that I also love my country. I loved that it was a great reminder that when the occasion does arise, in any form it might be, I hope that I will be able to support my boys when they fight for what they believe in.

And, befittingly, I wonder when we’ll be able to have them read To Kill A Mockingbird?


3 thoughts on “Priceless (A short film)

  1. Nostalgic! That was how school was like in the 90s. The berating parent and the ‘You’ll have char kuay tiao’ when you get back’ threats. And yes, the erasers. Sadly, my brothers had many erasers with different country flags on it, but not the one with the Singapore flag though.

    Super like!


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