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Munching munchkins: Easy Pita Pizza

Mmmm yumm!
Mmmm yumm!

Hubby can make a mean pizza dough, but we haven’t had the time to have him do so, so when I came across some recipes for pita pizza, I knew I had to do it!

All you need are a few basic ingredients:

  • Pitas, which you can readily get from some NTUCs (if not, Finest outlets)
  • Pizza sauce or a tomato based sauce
  • Toppings depending on preference, but do try to have some shaved mozzarella, if not you can also make do with the sliced singles.

Bake for 5-12 minutes (depending on if your toppings need cooking) at around 200C. I think it’d even work in a toaster oven. Don’t you just love versatile recipes??

Preparing lunch
Preparing lunch

The great thing about these mini pizzas is you can make 1-2 for each person depending on their tastes. So it’s everything (including onions and rocket) for Mittens, just ham for Abacus, and just pita for Scout (haha!). And I find pita makes the pizza more authentic than normal bread. And best of all, the kids can create their own and enjoy their own creations.



Lunch in progress

3 thoughts on “Munching munchkins: Easy Pita Pizza

      1. Definitely better late than never!
        We use a few things for pizzas – pita bread, bagels, and frozen plain cheese pizzas so we can add our own ingredients!! Mmmm


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