Look fab during pregnancy!

This is me at 8 months along, on holiday in Korea. I love how comfy leggings are for growing bellies. Here I am in a top that is a mini dress for more daring ladies.
This is me at 8 months along, on holiday in Korea. I love how comfy leggings are for growing bellies. Here I am in a top that is a dress for younger, more daring ladies. Which is not me. I’m the aunty with the leggings.

Over the years I’ve grown both myself (like a couple dress sizes!) and my collection of maternity clothes. So for first time mummies not knowing where to begin with what to wear, here are some of my tips on how to make the most of your clothes without breaking the bank.

Thankfully the trend these days as compared to 5-6 years ago, are tops that are longer and more stretchy, so it’s easier to find tops that will fit nicely over a bludgeoning belly. I prefer tops that are a synthetic type of mix that are stretchy and accentuate the bump rather than the large (and awful) tents that you can find in some maternity shops. Unless, of course, you’re still doing your GCE ‘O’ Levels and need to hide your pregnancy. You can most certainly leave your husband’s t-shirts at home for wearing to sleep – they are a definite no-no when you’re going out. Please. Do. Not. Attempt. Not even to NTUC. Don’t complain you feel dowdy if you ARE dressing dowdy!

Here you can see I’ve snipped off the top part of a racerback top.

Where tops are fitting but aren’t quite covering all of the belly, belly bands are extremely useful in covering up and keeping the bub warm. I had one Ingrid & Isabel BellaBand, and then it occurred to me how easy I could make one by snipping old camisoles that couldn’t fit me anymore but were still stretchy enough to keep me belly warm. I snipped them and had my mother sew the edges with her sewing machine. We Chinese people believe that the belly should be kept nice and warm at all times. And although it is a wonderful thing to be child bearing, I don’t think may people are all that interested to see how your linea nigra is progressing.

20130613-221739.jpgIf you have bottoms which still fit but can’t button up, you can always make your own make-shift connector, using a stretchy band, like an elastic used to tie hair or elastic bands used to sew into clothes. Heck, if you’re desperate, even an ordinary red rubber band will work. No need to spend money on a Belly Belt. Of course, wear a top that is long enough to hide it, or sew together a “fabric panel” like they provide with the Belly Belt. And if all else fails, there is nothing to be shy about outgrowing your clothes, unless it’s the result of having too much at the buffet line.

In all my jobs I could wear jeans to work and I found that it was worth investing in a good pair (or half dozen) because they are really worth it considering the quality. Locally, you can find some at Maternity Exchange, but I got mine mostly from Figure8 Maternity, as they do do international shipping and frequently have sales. I’ve even found that maternity jeans are the most comfortable clothing post natal. One of my favs are the Maternal America jeans, but boy would I love to get my hands on a 7 for All Mankind! Be warned though, some gynaes don’t like jeans because they feel they are too restrictive. So please do what you think best for your belly!

Stay tuned for the next post on looking fab during nursing with some tips from an expert (no lah, not me).

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8 thoughts on “Look fab during pregnancy!

  1. I used the rubber band to connect my jeans during my second pregnancy! So vain that I still wanna wear my skinnies lol… but like what you said, I covered with longer tops or layered it.


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