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A spot of summer spontaneity

Beautiful morning view of the Anzac Bridge. Even more peaceful without any toddlers in tow.

Parents like us hardly do anything spontaneous. It’s not a good or a bad thing – that’s just the way it is for us. Imagine going on holiday with a toddler (or three) and no clue where you’ll be spending the night. Or deciding in the afternoon you want to have a nice dinner or movie without the kids that evening. It is of course possible, but sometimes there are logistics to plan, things to organise, etc., and I also much prefer to give our babysitters (i.e. the ILs) a little notice without incurring any wrath.

This June holidays, the hubby and I decided to do something a little more exciting. We planned to go on a holiday without the kids, but we weren’t quite sure where. So we started waitlisting almost 15 different flight redemptions. So after waiting a few days for the flights to become confirmed and feeling a little like winning a lucky dip, a week later we were on holiday without the kids. They’ve kept the ILs extremely busy, but it’s been a well deserved break for me.

No prizes for guessing where we went

And then we almost did an even more impulsive thing and planned to evacuate the family if the haze levels didn’t improve, especially since we were extremely guilty about literally leaving the kids in the thick of the crisis. We checked on flights, and hotels, checked work schedules, and were all ready to confirm, but the accommodation didn’t come through, but thankfully the haze drastically improved (somewhat) and life apparently has been going on as normal. I’m still ready to pack my bags and leave straight away if the haze worsens, even if it means having to evacuate the kids myself.

N95s, of course.

I’ve loved having the boys around this June holidays, and I feel so bad for them that they’ve had to spend so much time confined to the house because of the haze. What a waste of the holidays for them! I am somewhat ready and somewhat dreading going back to the routine of school. Time to dream about our next holiday!


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