Look fab in nursing wear!

A few weeks ago, (OMG how time flies), I had some tips for maternity wear. Today I bring you my favourite nursing wear label, Dote Nursing Wear!

Scout has been my greatest breast feeding achievement to date, and up till around 8 months, was TBF. She kind of self-weaned and now takes both the breast and bottle with ease, which I think is really the best of both worlds, but I’ll leave that story for another day. I’m not sure how long I plan to continue, but I’m really thankful that these days the option for nursing wear is so much more diverse and stylish than before.

After owning a few pieces, I’ve become such a fan of Dote! When Mums@Work recently featured Dorothy of Dote in an interview, and I realised that it was actually a homegrown label, knew I had to approach her and (tell her how much I love her line) and ask her for some tips for mummies like me.

Joan dress http://www.dotestudio.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=314
Joan dress

How do you think nursing wear has changed over the recent years? Personally I love that we have so many options now that look so lovely!

Just a few years ago, nursing wear was very basic – mostly simple knitted tops; and you would hardly find any nursing dresses around. As more mothers make the choice to breastfeed, and for longer periods of time, the demand for nursing clothes has increased. Now you find a wide range of options in a variety of fabrics as well as many beautiful nursing dresses. When we started Dote, I felt a keen lack of nursing dresses and so focused on creating a small capsule collection which included comfortable and fashion forward nursing dresses.

Noir dress - which also comes in a maxi dress version which looks totally divine! http://www.dotestudio.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=269
Noir dress – which also comes in a maxi dress version which looks totally divine!

I also love Dote for putting thought into the material they use, which is sometimes heavier and thicker than that offered by other brands. But I feel that this gives the clothing has more structure, which is able to hide those annoying lumps and bulges better. Although matte jersey is commonly used by other local nursing lines is stretchy and comfy, it’s also not at all forgiving to those postpartum bumps and lumps, and after 2 washes can look so tired like it has been worn for 2 years! Some of the Dote dresses even come complete with lining, a far cry from what you get from some other brands.

We pick fabrics that we feel are comfortable for nursing women to wear, and the fabric must also suit the design of the garment – if the garment needs to be pulled/tugged at (which is common in a nursing garment) then the fabric has to have sufficient stretch to withstand the pulling. It must also drape and wash well because of the nature of the garment (since we expect milk stains etc).

Megan dress
Megan dress

What fashion advice do you have for mummies like me to hide the muffin tops and other bulges? What cuts would be more flattering? I’ve been loving the Dote dresses that are elastic at the waist which means it’s more comfy and do a better job of hiding the post partum belly.

Baby weight takes time to shed, so give your body time to bounce back and recover. My advice would be to wear clothes that fit/are the right size – nothing is worse than squeezing into something too small and having unflattering lumps and bulges show. Pick styles that skim your body, not hug it. Well placed gathers/drapes can help disguise flaws. Good undergarments are very important – they help lift and smooth bulges – and provide a good foundation over which to wear your clothes. And because your bust size increases during breastfeeding, steer clear of overly high necklines like turtleneck tops. A scoop or v neck will be more flattering.

This Betty Pleat dress features a sheer band at the shoulder area - so unexpected for a nursing dress, but really adds a touch of glamour to it.
This Betty Pleat dress features a sheer band at the shoulder area – so unexpected for a nursing dress, but really adds a touch of glamour to it.

Recently at a party I wore the Betty Pleat dress and my friends (all mummies too) were amazed that it is a nursing dress! The best thing is that the Dote Nursingwear pieces are also very reasonably priced. Last week through one of their flash sales I bought a top for $14.50. You can hardly even buy any tops for $14.50 these days, let alone a nursing one! And there is no minimum spend for free shipping so you can buy a piece and try it for size then buy another after that.

Hurrah! Go forth and shop online, mummies! 😀

Thank you Dorothy for taking the time to answer some of my questions for my very first blog interview!

Disclaimer: I was not sent anything, I just totally love their stuff!


Princess and the Rock

3 thoughts on “Look fab in nursing wear!

  1. Nice to know that you’re a fellow Dote fan too! The Betty Pleat dress looks lovely, think I will go take a closer look at it. 😉
    You’ve taken part in my giveaway, ya? Good luck!


  2. These picks are so pretty! ^^, Thanks for sharing! It’s good to stay fab even when you’re nursing your kids. I think a mom would do a very good job when she achieves this!


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