Sunny Days (Review: NIVEA Body UV Whitening Serum)

With the microwave on "high", we gotta take all kinds of precautions when it comes to sun protection!
With the microwave on “high”, we gotta take all kinds of precautions when it comes to sun protection!

Until I stayed home with the kids, you don’t feel the full effects of the tropical heat since you can hide indoors in air conditioning for most of the day. Now, the days are busy with going to and fro school two blocks away, a little further to the food court, a short distance to Daddy’s work place, NTUC, NTUC finest, a wet market, hawker centre, haberdashery shops, boulangeries (that is probably not a real plural), banks, a post office and more. And we even walk to the boys’ Berries class. It’s really so very convenient, but it also means that sometimes when I get home from an errand I feel like I’ve needed my third shower for the day!

And I’m not sure if it’s because of the increased sun exposure or because I’m just getting older, I mean, wiser, but I’ve also started to notice more freckles or spots. Since my scuba diving and basking in the sun days are behind me now, I’ve become more concerned and diligent with sun protection. I really wouldn’t want to be seen sporting t-shirt tan lines at my age, or having one arm darker than the other because I’m out in my car often.

When we are at the pool or beach, we’re very anal about sun protection (and keeping warm) – our boys wear long sleeve UV protection rash guards, 3mm neoprene vests to keep them warm, and are usually with their hats too (that have a flap at the back to protect their neck). Call me kia su, but you know what’s worse than kids with sunburn? Kids with all kinds of sunburn marks across their faces. Yes I’ve seen it!

But for every day use, I don’t really want that thick feeling that most sunscreens leave you like you’re ready for a Chinese opera performance. I know that most sunscreens need to be thick to ensure coverage, like when you’re swimming, or going to be out the entire day at the beach, or park and zoo. If we’re out of the home occasionally during the day running errands I want something light otherwise I’d be so mindful of the cream clogging our pores and getting all over the home – I can’t possibly make sure that Scout has a complete wipedown (and some of these waterproof ones are really tough to get off!) before one of her three naps, which means I’ll get sunscreen on her/my sheets?? Yuck!

I don’t know why there aren’t more moisturizers with sun protection being sold here, because that would be the perfect solution. Despite living in such humid conditions daily, I still need to use at least one type of moisturiser (at night, 2!) because of my terribly dry and tight skin. One of my colleagues once told me that an old aunt of hers has the most amazing skin – from moisturising 7 times a day. 7 seems a little excessive, but between the sun and air conditioning, it’s easy for our skin to be dehydrated, even in our levels of humidity.

And just as I was fretting over getting the sun protection I want, NIVEA sent me their new NIVEA Body UV Whitening Serum with SPF25 to try out. Sun protection and with a whitening effect, too! Talk about a multitasker. When I first tried it, I was struck by how the serum smells really lovely and isn’t too thick, leaving only a lovely velvety finish to the skin. Other parts of the body which I didn’t apply the serum on were significantly drier.

I don’t think my skin is too sun damaged – nothing extremely flaky or itchy, patchy or rough, peeling or dull. It is, however, terribly dependent on moisturiser otherwise it gets so tight and uncomfortable, and is a little uneven with a few spots. Ok I could probably do with more hydration too, so I’m working on remembering to drink enough water during the day. Anyhow, the the NIVEA Body UV Whitening Serum claims to be able to help achieve fairer, smoother, more radiant skin in 14 days, so I’m keen to see how well the serum fairs. I mean fares!

Day 1. Light spots, uneven skin tone.
Day 1. Light spots, uneven skin tone. I’ve never looked this close at my skin until I started using NIVEA!

I’m still looking for a sunscreen for daily use for babies, so if you have any recommendations for that I’d love to hear it. Especially since she’s at that age where she looks so adorable in a hat – but absolutely refuses to wear one. I certainly don’t want her to be getting any t-shirt tan lines at her age (oh, the horrors!).

NIVEA is running an Instagram contest from 21 Jul to 15 Aug 2013 and you could win weekly NIVEA hampers worth $188! Simply snap pictures of your active lifestyle in the sun, e.g. basking in the sun by the pool or any other outdoor activities that you do in your spare time. Do hashtag them with the following hashtags: #NIVEAsg #UVWhtSerum #Sunnyfun #Sunshine.

As for me, stay tuned to see how my 14 day NIVEA challenge goes. You can read about it here.


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