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A great way to fly

Always a welcome sight for homesick eyes

My first flight was when I was barely a few months old. Then, as now, we were fortunate to have been able to fly with our national carrier, which, has a reputation well revered for many years now, even before my time. When I began traveling more on my own, first when I was studying abroad, and later for work, flying by Singapore Airlines was always a nice way to arrive, and on return flights, especially if the trip had been long and arduous, it was always a heartwarming welcome and a step toward going home. It is always comforting to be greeted with a friendly smile (especially when they’re offering to help and not just there to herd you along) and to hear a familiar accent. In fact, I hadn’t realize how accustomed we’ve become with the warmth we’re received with once, that once on a BA flight, a steward thought I was seeking his help to stow my luggage in the overhead compartment and told me curtly that he’s not allowed to help me because of union restrictions. That wasn’t what I was asking, but nonetheless it was almost like a culture shock right then.

Just thinking about flying I can smell the cabin air, hear the cheesy elevator music (better than nothing), and see the warm smiles. I can feel the prick of the static from my hair (tak glam hor), and the blankets, the burn of the wet towels, and hear the clacking of the stewardesses sandals as they sashay down the aisles. And I can almost hear them say “..and to all Singaporeans a very warm welcome home.” on a returning flight.

These days with kids, where possible we will choose to fly Singapore Airlines for safety and comfort, familiarity and consistency. They have a reputation for being on time (although some delays are always inevitable), which can be a relief if you have to travel long distances with fussy kids. And don’t forget the entertainment on Krisworld! We might have iPads and such, but no harm having something different to watch. I haven’t mustered up enough courage to try a budget airline with young kids, and I’d be likely to choose not to. Hey don’t balk at me, it’s not my fault they’ve spoiled me!

While there might be many complaints about the standards, price, and everything else under the sun, I guess it just goes to show how much Singaporeans identify with our national carrier as part of ourselves. it is definitely something else uniquely Singaporean that we should be proud of, I’m sure many of you will agree, that it is indeed a great way to fly.

Welcome Aboard

P.S. If you’re interested you can see a snippet of the new “next gen” cabin “products” here.

P.P.S. (no pun intended) If SQ would like me to review a flight for them, with or without kids, I’m totally up for it!!!


2 thoughts on “A great way to fly

  1. Thanks for your Sensational Love for Singapore.. and for linking up!

    I agree SQ has been very successful in branding the airline.. not too sure about branding us – the real Singapore girls too. I hope I haven’t disappointed too many tourists with my tees and shorts instead of the kebaya. Not to mention dishevelled hair and the lack of make-up! hhahaha…

    But you have to admit it, even if we don’t fly SQ, Singapore’s a great place to love.


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