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Staycation: Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore

Good morning, Singapore!

We had a really fun time at our staycation at RWS’s Hard Rock Hotel last year, but I have not yet gotten over the fact that their rack rate for a normal room is over SGD$500. By comparison, you can get room at the Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore for less than that, and the service is incomparable because there simply isn’t any service at HRH! Ha! We first stayed on an ordinary weekend and were so impressed we decided to come back for National Day since there is a fantastic view of the parade from the rooms.

Lots of room to explore
Lots of room to explore
All ready to go!

Generally, although this hotel is really getting on in its years, it’s really not showing it. It’s very very comfortable, and has all the little luxuries you would expect from a hotel of this standard. Although it can be pretty busy in the lobby, it’s quite quiet in the rooms. Or maybe it’s hard to be noisier than 2 boys, so perhaps I didn’t notice any noise from other neighbours. A National Day Parade weekend though, is another animal altogether. The hotel was running at full capacity, so the lobby was packed the entire day, the concierge took 3 hours to bring up our luggage (actually I think they forgot about it), they ran out of extra pillows, bedding, baby cots, and even the Club Lounge felt like it was one of those 3 star eat all you can buffets.

Up close and centre

But even though it was crowded, you have to really give it to the hotel and its staff, whom cannot be faulted for lack of trying. They were very well staffed, and almost apologetic about the constant flurry of activity. They did forget our luggage at the concierge for a few hours but came straight away after a reminder call. They even decided to cater breakfast in their ballroom with which can hold up to a thousand guests, and in true Ritz style, executed it with a resplendent garden theme, complete with fake grass. And as it was my MIL’s
birthday, they sent two birthday cakes and a bottle of champers, and a celebratory dessert for National Day.

Happy Birthday Singapore! And MIL too.

It was a great way to watch the parade – we literally got to see the back scenes, like the President (or someone else as important?) arriving, the army and other vehicles and various kinds of boats getting into position, and even last minute rehearsals on the afternoon itself. The best part was the aircon comfort, and kids not having to sit in their seats for hours. It felt as if we were there, but not really there. But, as always, with young kids running all over the place, you can never really be focussed on anything else but them, and we later realised we totally missed the parachute moment. Oh well, better luck next year?

I could get used to the luxury!

I’m guessing it’s weekends like these and during the F1 that the hotel gets really packed, but they take it in their stride and work though the busyness, and still manage to impress. I certainly looking forward to being back here or at another Ritz-Carlton soon.

Taking a dip in the pool that was usually quite cold.
Taking a dip in the pool that was usually quite chilly.

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