Just a click away! (Review: RedMart)

I don’t like doing all the carrying, so I let the delivery man do that for me!

This past year I’ve really taken to having groceries delivered to my house. I do get to drive during the day, but sometimes just getting everyone ready and out the door and into the car is a feat on its own! And unfortunately the car park is a short distance away – something between 1 to 3 blocks away, depending on your luck. Which isn’t too far but when you already have your hands full of a handful of kids, any distance can seem too much. And then there’s that whole thing about bringing your kids to the supermarket. It’s a great learning experience for them, but put 2 boys in a trolley and soon a fight will ensue (actually that happens wherever they are!), or they’ll be squashing the produce or wanting to climb in and out of the trolley, and then getting restless or demanding you buy them the things you don’t want them to be consuming…..

I think I started buying more online during my confinement month last year as I didn’t want to trouble my MIL, who was doing my confinement, to be carrying too many things. Of course we still prefer to buy fresh items such as meats and vegetables ourselves so that we can select them, but for anything else that’s standard, I’ve found companies like RedMart such a breeze to use, and really so convenient. For me, RedMart offers a NTUC Finest/Cold Storage kind of range, at NTUC prices where possible.

RedMart have a nice range of gourmet items, like organic items, California Baby, etc. And being an online store makes it so easy to compare prices and search for the items that you need! They can also do next day delivery (if you order in time), so you don’t even have to leave your house or wait for a week for those necessities.

Love their design!

RedMart now have a lovely new iPhone app, which makes it even easier to browse and buy and not have to squint at information on your phone (for the regular website) if you’re getting old like I am. Their web site is also so much nicer than that of the major supermarkets, which both look like they’re badly needing a design change.

And because I want to spread the love, and lessen everyone’s headache, here’s a 10% discount code for all my lovely first time users, specially for all busy mummies like me, who really need their hands for other more important things in life.


Key in the code at the check out for the discount!

Enter the code in the cart if you’re using the iPhone app

If you do try RedMart, do let me know what you think!

3 thoughts on “Just a click away! (Review: RedMart)

  1. Cool to know! Any expiry to the discount code?

    I have one, and i enjoy my supermarket trips (with or without her) so it’s much more managable. She’s also quite willing to help if I entrust her to get the right things. Also, she’s easy to shush if she gets into trouble but I”m wondering, have you found any good online fruit sellers? Fruits is one thing that’s heavy to carry!


    1. Seems like no expiry. But one time use for first time users only. It’s also worth getting on their mailing list for other offers, that day got free shipping for over $45 (or thereabouts)!

      Somehow the kids are more manageable individually – add them all together they either play well together or are fighting like enemies. And that’s everywhere, supermarkets included -.-


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