My Little Girl’s First Birthday!

The birthday girl

There we have it, we’re finally done with all the birthdays in the family for the year, and we certainly enjoyed them all. After organising two birthdays, I was feeling a little birthday fatigue, and almost wanted to go with a simple party at home for Scout. After all, she’ll just be one, and she won’t really remember anything right? In fact, I’m sure she didn’t really know what was going on at the party, let alone remember it for years to come. But hubby thought it wouldn’t be fair to her since the boys all had parties, so we set out planning one.

We preferred a place that could offer:

  1. A play area for kids
  2. Reasonable quality and quantity of food (good food always makes people happy)
  3. Easy parking for guests
  4. A venue that’s a little different (I’m not a fan of holding parties at kids’ playgrounds)
  5. Low or no corkage for alcohol.
  6. A central location – even better if its in the CBD then it’s less crowded on the weekends. Downtown East or the likes is completely out of the question for us.
  7. Air con! (Unless it’s pool or beach side).
Some guests had too much fun.
Some guests had too much fun.

With these in mind, I set about doing some research. Eventually we settled on a Sunday Brunch at Paulaner Brauhaus, which hosts various kids activities every Sunday, and has a very reasonably priced buffet Sunday brunch Früshoppen , which I have previously written about. So chi chi right, invite your friends to a Früshoppen?? The buffet comes with free flow drinks and here comes the clincher – to add on free flow freshly brewed beer, you just pay an extra $10. Is that a good deal or what??

The pink ombré cake everyone loved.

We even brought forward the party date (to almost 3 weeks before her birthday) so that we could have balloon sculpting and terrarium making as the birthday activities. We took a trip down for an ordinary Sunday Brunch, and were sold. Since she’s only one year old and has no preferences of her own, I ordered up a pastel pink ombré cream cake from Pat’s Pastries, and she did a wonderful job at a reasonable price, and the cake wasn’t too sweet. Even my food-colouring loathing hubby liked it.

Lovely pinks!
Lovely pinks!

And as per tradition, we had a small cake with just us at home on the day of her birthday itself. Hubby got back from work after Scout had fallen asleep so we actually had to wake her up to cut the cake because we’re not allowed to celebrate birthdays after the actual day but no one can really explain why, so if you know I’d love to hear the “reason” :p

At 4 days old
At 4 days old
At 1 year old

She is growing so so fast! She’s fast becoming a little girl and toddler and no longer a baby. She is learning and showing understanding of new things every day, eating up a storm at mealtimes, and already adept at fighting back with her brothers for the toys that she wants. On the one hand I can’t wait for her to get  bigger, and on the other I wish she was still a newborn.

Happy birthday to my sweetie pie!

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