Whose one ah? (Review and Giveaway: Stickerkid)

Mittens has a knack for losing stuff. He likes to carry along his own water bottle when we’re out, and we’ve lost a couple of bottles this way. Recently Mittens’ snack box went missing in school for 2 days. It wasn’t so much the box I was worried about, but more of what might be in the box in terms of mold, if we would ever find it again.

And you know how it is with 12-20 kids in a class, all with their own water bottles, shoes, bags, snack boxes, etc. So I decided to start labelling all our items so that it would be an easier for the teachers, since they wouldn’t have to be asking who the item belongs to all the time, and myself since I wouldn’t have to be in a slight panic about missing items all the time. And when they’re young, labelling also helps kids recognise their names! I even have them in both Chinese and English.

DSC_3703So I was very pleased when Stickerkid sent over some personalised stickers for us. You’d think that all stickers are created equal, but these can survive the microwave, dishwasher, water, sun and sand. Amazing right! Sounds pretty preschool/toddler-proof to me, if you ask me.

DSC_3705You can easily personalise your stickers – sticker type (for belongings or iron-ons for cloth), background colour, logo/avatar, font colour and type. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted because there were so many choices! And at first I thought the logos looked a little tacky, but they actually came out really lovely. And all the products are made in Switzerland!


We have an international giveaway, and you can win a My First Pack (Pack of 156 stickers), which includes:

– 32 large stickers
– 14 shoe stickers
– 60 small stickers
– 50 clothes stickers
All the photos of our My First Pack can be seen here.
Just enter the Rafflecopter using this link (so annoying, but I can’t embed it on a free WP page, sorry!!) by 30 September 2013 at 11:59pm. Good luck!!!!


And now, if you don’t win or you can’t wait for some stickers, we have a discount code for 10% off all products, valid until 20 October 2013, if you key in:



12 thoughts on “Whose one ah? (Review and Giveaway: Stickerkid)

  1. Of cos life will be alot better with name stickers as there are lesser chance for Kyle to come home with the wrong things like water bottle and shoes! Also, in the case if there is really a mix up, it can be easily identified and found! Thanks for hosting the giveaway! Hope to win!


  2. My son has lost his water bottle in school before so I know how terrible it feels! He’s probably going to a new school next year so a set of stickers will be extremely useful!


  3. Life would be better since they won’t lose their stuff! Especially the more expensive stuff like their water bottles and all… And it also means no one uses their waterbottle by mistake!


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