Travelling Tots: Liverpool, UK

Our hotel, the Hilton Liverpool in a lovely spot of town near many shops and eateries, and right next to the Albert Docks.
Ducks by the docks. Another nice area where the The Beatles Story, the Beatles museum, is located as well as the Tate Liverpool. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to visit either! I would’ve loved to introduced some nice tunes to Mittens.
At the docks there is the Merseyside Maritime Museum. Also no time to see it, alas! They apparently have a good Titanic exhibition. If you see images of the Titanic, you’ll also see that her stern carries the Liverpool name because the company that owned the Titanic was HQ’d in Liverpool.
We were so close to so many celebrities whom I completely do not know, save for one number 8.
We took a tour of Anfield the day after the match.
In the players dressing room for the LFC team when they’re playing at Anfield. It’s the same room and same wooden benches they’ve been sitting on since the start of the team.
This is what the sportsmen are drinking, at specific times before and after the matches.
How quiet it is the day after.

One thought on “Travelling Tots: Liverpool, UK

  1. Did your husband buy lots of stuff at the Liverpool gift shop? Sounds like if we ever do travel there, we should try to be there for a few days, to check out the other interesting attractions! Thanks for sharing, you lucky, lucky gal. 🙂


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