Recovering naturally


Choosing a doctor is a very personal matter. At the end of the day, it’s a mix of personality, chemistry, and knowledge. We’ve been with our current paeditrician for a while now, after seeing a small handful of other doctors. and in this last year I’ve actually been seeing quite a bit of her for various reasons. I usually take the kids to her for vaccinations, but as a newborn Scout had granuloma, so at one point I think I saw her 3-4 times in a week! We’ve come to a comfortable relationship where I can ask her random questions, like is kids size dependent on how much they eat (height is all genes)? What can I do to help my son concentrate better in school, or is it a boy thing, or just general concerns that I might have that you wouldn’t specially make a trip to the PD for.

I have been to a PD before who was too quick for my liking to prescribe antibiotics, so I’m glad that this PD and I both have a very conservative approach to treating ailments. With experience with common flus I will arm myself with Prospan, Zrytec, and Flumicil. These are my favorite go-to meds because they’re herbal (Prospan), mild (Zrytec), and in the case of Flumicil, even contains N-acetylcysteine, which apparently has liver protecting effects and can also help our bodies to produce an antioxidant called glutathione that can boost our immune system, making us more resistant to viruses and helping us to recover faster when we’re infected. I even love the fizzy adult version of it!

Usually after a week of meds (Zrytec even less), I’ll let them recover naturally, and usually they won’t take long to. Only if the flu lasts beyond 1-2 weeks with no symptoms of recovery or there are other worrying signs such as fever, etc. will I make sure I consult a PD.

When they have runny noses we’ve also found that the Graco Nasal Clear Aspirator works wonders. Forget those that are manual suction aspirators, this is the real deal! With colds I also like to use some essential oils when they’re sleeping to help them breathe better, but I can’t do this for myself or the Eucalyptus/Peppermint/Mint sort of invigorating scents keeps me awake! Our families have a history of rhinitis, so each child also has their saline nasal sprays, which I really should be more religious about. I also like to rub Vicks Vaporub on them, and always end up putting some for myself. Such a nostalgic feeling/smell, right?

Of course, we are also very lucky that *touch wood*, the kids don’t fall extremely sick very often. My boys don’t take multivitamins, only because they don’t eat sweets (yes! They will refuse sweets!) and the ones on the market are so laden with sugar they might be more immune to the common flu but end up with diabetes? Just kidding, but you see what I’m getting at. While we’re at it, why do so many meds come with flavouring and colouring? Why can’t they just be a bland taste that can easily be dissolved in milk, Milo, juice, or whatever is neccessary?

What other ways do you keep your kids healthy as naturally as possible?

8 thoughts on “Recovering naturally

  1. Hahaha. I gave the kids Multi-vitamins and Probiotics. I don’t usually give the boy sweet, so his only sweet treat is from the Multi-vit. To me, I would rather he eat some multi-vit than to eat sweets with zero nutritional value. Probiotics are essential for us, cause the boy have a weak stomach. With probiotics, it doesn’t only help strengthen his stomach, but also help him absorb the nutrients from food better. The only problem is getting him to “drink” the probiotics as it is in powder form. I had to secretly add into his juices so that he doesn’t know. 😛


  2. Hi Mummy Ed, I give the kids probiotics (I mix it into the avocado shakes we have every other morning. I buy them in capsules and open them up into the shake, as I find this more cost-effective than individual powder sachets. 😉 Other than that, I stay away from antibiotics and conventional medicine, and rely on medicinal-grade essential oils, and just let them wear the virus out. That said, I will still give those that you mentioned above if we deem it really necessary…:)


    1. Hi June, avocado shakes, wow! What else goes into those power shakes of yours besides the probiotics and of course avocado? I’m not aurrif my boys would enjoy avocado (I should try anyway) but is could probably resort to lacing their ice milo with it, since probiotics must not be warmed up right?


      1. You’re right, probiotics can’t take heat. You can throw in whatever fresh fruits they like I suppose, so that they will take to it? Like berries, coconut… But yes mixing into iced milo sounds good too!


  3. Like June, I load them with probiotics (I find yoghurt is the cheapest alternative to buying the pricey capsules!) especially if they have tummy troubles. Our PD prescribed Kaloba, which is supposed to be a herbal remedy, and we find its pretty good for helping our #1 wrt his cough. He has allergic rhinitis and various respiratory issues, so he takes ages to get well from colds, so these days its diffusing RC oil when he’s sick, and rhiniramine for the drips at night (yes we resort to meds, so that he gets a good night’s sleep, otherwise he wakes up 8 times crying from discomfort!).


    1. Thanks for sharing, Jus! I must check out Kaloba. I think some or a little meds used in moderation are sometimes necessary hor? If my kids have a bad rash I’ll use some steroidal cream sparingly to calm it down before using natural ones like Calendula cream, because I know they inherited sensitive skin from me!


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