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Munching Munchkins: Oca Grassa

We made a last minute reservation for dinner at Oca Grassa for Restaurant Week, so last minute that we just had enough time to get the boys fed before we left, since dinner was all ready. We would’ve brought them to eat there but dinner was already half done, so having them eat first saved us some hassle and money 😀

Source Business Times
Source Business Times

You can tell I’m still trying to learn how to be a blogger because I was a little too embarassed to take a photo of the interior with so many people already chowing down (wait they not happy how?), so I’ll have to steal you some. The exterior is rather minimalist, so you might miss it if you’re not looking carefully. Actually the interior is quite minimalist too, but with a full house on a weekday night, it was cosy and bustling in a noisy way, which makes it stuffy which is always good when you have kids. They do have high chairs but since baby was at home sleeping, we didn’t require one, and I liked that they use benches on one side of the wall, because I always prefer benches for the kids as opposed to single seats. Overall, quite kid-friendly.


For Restaurant Week they served bread with a very interesting olive oil and balsamic vinegar reduction (which they apparently also sell), a delightful squid salad, an interesting prawn pasta which the boys loved, and a main of a strip loin or duck breast, both of which looked identical but were very lovely in their own right. Oca Grassa apparently means Fat Goose in Italian, but their forte seems to be their meats (there are plenty of other reviews and photos you can check out), and I preferred the beef over the duck, because it retained the wonderful smoky aroma and flavor from the Japanese binchotan – almost like a wok hei for steaks. The dessert wasn’t sensational, but still very pleasing, and often food doesn’t need to be mind-blowing – it just needs to be good quality, homely, and we prefer it also not too sweet. So we loved our limoncello dessert and the hubby usually doesn’t like citrus desserts like sorbets and such or tarts for that matter. And I also prefer for the kids not to have too much sugar, otherwise we all know how that story ends.

Pasta with prawn, capers and tomatoes.

As for the boys, well, we ordered a side of fries for $6 and this is what they got. I’d say its worth it, don’t you think? There isn’t a kids menu, but from the way they gobbled up our pastas as well as the fries, I don’t think there is a need for a “kids” menu.

That's quite a lot of carbo.
That’s quite a lot of carbo.

Run by an Italian, helmed by a local chef, and kitchen staff who all look like they’re wearing scrubs (almost like the dark blue ones at NUH??), Oca Grassa is certainly an interesting establishment. I haven’t heard much of this little place before Restaurant Week, and I think they are still slowly getting their footing, but I’d certainly be keen to go back and try more of their meats. Like this one below :O

OMG! Source and Review from Bibikgourmand.

Oca Grassa
6 Bukit Pasoh
Singapore 089820

4 thoughts on “Munching Munchkins: Oca Grassa

  1. I have heard good stuff about this place from colleagues but haven’t had a chance to try it. Hoping to visit soon! Oh by the way, I too have the same issue with taking pictures. Always too embarrassed to take proper pictures :p


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