Review: Pigeon Silent Electric Breast Pump

Let's see what we have here...
Let’s see what we have here…

Like many mummies out there, I’ve had my fair share of breast pumps. They ranged from the Avent manual, Avent ISIS, a really old version of the Medela PIS (when Mittens was born it was like 8 years old!), Medela Freestyle, Medela Swing, Ameda Lactina, and the Medela Lactina (in the hospital).

If I have to give any advice on breast pumps, it would be this:

  • borrow if you can, to get a feel of whether you like a pump
  • if you decide or discover you’re an unending leaky tap and want to pump diligently when you’ve returned to work, invest in a good electric dual pump. Preferably hands free
  • if you just want something for occasion use, or have limited supply like yours truly, consider a single electric which is more portable and cheaper.


Recently, Pigeon sent their Pigeon Silent Electric Breast Pump for a review. While I wouldn’t go so far to call it Silent, I mean, I think probably the only thing that can really be silent, is a baby (latching), and even they tend to make some noise sometimes. I have to say though, that I do think it’s slightly quieter than the Avent ISIS. You can also adjust suction strength and cycle (faster, slower) easily on the Pigeon to suit your needs, which is a must for me to make sure I’m comfortable.

The Pigeon Silent Electric Breast Pump

What I did like was that there isn’t too many parts to the pump. I can’t say the pump is a beauty, and certainly won’t be a contender for a Red Dot award. It looks like the love child if an Avent and Ameda Lactaline, but it has all the functionality and works like a charm. I find the the valve design, which reminds me of the Ameda one, easier to wash and reduces wastage and spillage as compared to the Avent design since milk does not collect at the valve area. The tubing might look thin and simple, but it worked well and I never had any problems of it dropping off halfway like I’ve had a few Medela models.


The Pigeon looks a little bulky comparatively, but is actually quite portable and can run on batteries if necessary. Like the Avent pumps, it can also be used as a manual pump – I like this dual functionality so you always have a backup in case you run out of batteries and don’t have an electricity source! Best of all, while we were away for a week and I had to rely solely in the pump, and even dragged the hours between pumps pretty long, I didn’t get any blocked ducts like I usually do!

When I first received it, I wasn’t sure how this plain Jane would fare, but it’s certainly impressed me. I think that the pump is at an affordable price point, and probably if you’re looking for a pump which is good and functional at this price, this would definitely be my recommendation.

00875 PPSU Peristaltic PLUS 160ml Bottle w SS teat[1] 00876 PPSU Peristaltic PLUS 240ml Bottle w M teat[4]P.S. Pigeon also sent me some samples of their Peristaltic PLUS milk bottles, and I love how they’re a handy size – not too thin (like standards) and not too wide. It is a leak-proof design, and so far my experience with it is that it really is leak-proof, which is more than I can say for another popular brand which has given me much grief over the years. The bottle also has all of today’s must-have features: BPA free, teats designed to resemble and mimic nature, plus a sunny yellow coloured ring which is less likely to turn yellow with age than white ones. So if you’re on a lookout for a good bottle, this is one you can consider. Good things (and knowledge) must share, right?!

Disclaimer: The products in this review were sponsored by Pigeon, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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