Review: Pigeon Sakura Skincare

Bath times can be simple, and so much fun!
Bath times can be simple, and so much fun!

It’s common for newborns to cry for a few weeks or months (some kids even years!) during bath time. Our Scout cried for all of a total of oh, maybe three days? These days she enjoys her bath time and with company will actually crawl out of her bath tub to sit on the bathroom floor with the boys to play, or wail when I try and get her out to dry off.


With a history in skin sensitivity (from me, unfortunately, but nothing too major or uncontrollable), I’m cautious about the products I use. Plus I  and not the kids, get contact dermatitis with products that contain too much soap. That probably doesn’t make much sense if you haven’t noticed products that are labelled soap-free, but yes, there is shower gel without soap.

I’ve never really noticed the Pigeon Sakura Skincare toiletries on the market, but when Pigeon sent a sample from their range, I was definitely keen to try it out. And after having used it for a few months now, I’m happy to say that everyone loves the scent, it’s not a harsh product, and doesn’t break the bank. Mild, gentle, and smells oh so lovely!


You know how some people love the”baby smell”? Well baby smell + Sakura range = even more baby love.

Disclaimer: I was sent a whole range of products from the Pigeon Sakura Skincare Range. All opinions are 100% my own.

2 thoughts on “Review: Pigeon Sakura Skincare

  1. My kids use Pigeon wash as well. But not the sakura range. There seems to be 2 different series of the Pigeon bath and shampoo which I have never known the difference. Do you know of their difference between Sakura range and non-Sakura range?


    1. For the Sakura range they actually use Sakura extract, so it smells quite nice but not too strong. I haven’t tried their other products, so unfortunately can’t compare 🙂


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