This was me trying to get a flower in my hair like the lady in the backdrop. But this post is really not about me nor my hair.
Isn’t this the prettiest appetiser ever?

We had the pleasure of being invited to attend a Community Chest gala dinner, a first for me. The evening started off with a group of children with special abilities (I prefer that to “disabilities”), dubbed the Super Trouper Choir, singing their rendition of Kermit’s 1979 hit The Rainbow Connection.

You can see a news report and an excerpt of the performance in the video on the Channel News Asia site here.

Source: Community Chest Singapore FB

It was probably one of the most heartfelt renditions I have ever heard. The kids practiced for a very long time, and teachers even helped them memorise the lyrics by making picture cards. During the performance I was already getting chocked up thinking about how much effort they’d put in, and how difficult it must be for parents of children with special abilities, and how proud they must be of them now.

After the performance, they screened a short clip which was just as touching, in fact I almost had to leave the ballroom to pull myself together. Luckily the lights were dim :p I was so moved because now as parents ourselves it feels as we’ve come a full circle. When we’re young there is so much we don’t understand and take for granted, but only after becoming parents we appreciate the sacrifices our parents made.

I’m still kicking myself for not having given the Super Troupers a standing ovation. No one else did, and at that point in time I was a little too cowardly to do so. They really deserved a LOT more applause than they received! Maybe because we were in the company of a Minister (who actually was sitting very far far away), everyone was a little more apprehensive? 🙂

I know the Community Chest seems so old school, but I hope if anyone is looking for a charity to donate to, you think about the Community Chest.

Here is the clip – let me know what you think of it?

P.S. During the dinner, in his speech, the Minister mentioned “Whether it is contributing to ComChest, volunteering or working in social and community agencies, or looking out for your neighbour — every effort counts.” This really struck a chord with me and I will have a separate post on this shortly.

3 thoughts on “Giving

    1. Imagine me tearing at the dinner!! The part that really got me was when the father was working so hard, stacking newspapers into his van, pulling his trolley up the stairs…


  1. Haha, I am sure you are not alone. Imagine seeing a room full of ladies with their mascara smudged and running down their cheeks. Heh.

    For me it hit home when the guilt-ridden boy realised that he was being a pr**k by being so judgemental and looking down on his dad’s menial jobs.


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