Do you see what I see?

He put this on and was actually trying to do Gangnam style!

Last weekend, we were invited to a talk on children’s myopia by W Eye Clinic. I’m particularly interested in myopia because studies have shown a strong genetic link, which basically means that my kids are likely to be doomed in this area.

Aren’t they cute? Whoops, is that my finger in there?

I have highlighted in a previous post about this report about sunlight playing a very important factor in reducing myopia, is something that the opthomology industry is strongly advocating. So it was good to know that my priority of getting the kids outdoors at least once a day (barring days with rain), is a good way to go if I want to decrease the chances of them having myopia, and increasing the chances of them being totally knocked out at night. Win-win, right? They’re also advocating less iPad and TV, so I’ve started reminding mittens that he should look after his eyes.

Kids play area. Nice big space!

We also did an eye test for Mittens, which was (understandably) much more comprehensive than the one conducted in his school by HPB. Mittens has very good eyesight, isn’t colour blind, but I will still continue to have him checked annually because he’s definitely at high risk of developing myopia no thanks to his genes, and the checks should start from when they’re around 5 years of age. Sorry kids! This is one of the things you can blame your parents for 😉 (Blame your dad for flat feet and attached ear lobes though, that didn’t come from me.)

More interestingly, I learnt that atropine drops can sometimes reduce the progression rate of myopia by 50-60%! That was music to my ears, because I really don’t want my kids to be as tortured by having to wear glasses and too young a age. It’s such a hassle and not to mention uncomfortable. Apparently the Singapore National Eye Centre are also advocating the use of atropine, and a SNEC source says that atropine will be commercially available from the end of the year. I say apparently because I haven’t seen any press releases, but you can find a mention of it with regards to paediatric services at SNEC here.


I will be telling you all about Abacus’s squint problem and my own comprehensive eye examination in an upcoming post, but if you are interested to learn more about myopia in children, and have a free eye examination for them, do join W Eye Clinic in a public forum on Saturdays November 9 and 23, 2013, at 4pm. RSVP on their web site here.

Thank you to W Eye Clinic for inviting us to such an eye-opening session (hurhur) and for spending the time to do eye examinations for us as well as enlightening me on so many eye-related issues! I will be sharing more with you in my next post.


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