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The Ocean


“Look at who you are, and what are your powers, what you can do to make a difference”

Some of my favorite places are the Amazon Flooded Forest (I love the music  to!) at River Safari Singapore, and the Open Ocean Gallery at the RWS S.E.A. Aquarium. Without a doubt, the views are absolutely stunning, and you don’t have to be a scuba diver to appreciate it. Or rather, it’s great that you don’t have to be a scuba diver to be able to experience it!

Recently I watched this very inspiring video by La Mer cosmetics, who work together with National Geographic and oceanographer Sylvia Earle towards the marine conservation. I love that she says that although we have really affected the environment,  we are also in a “sweet spot in time” to make a difference. Watch the video below

It also reminded me of these articles that have been doing its rounds on FB – The Ocean is Broken, and Gray whale dies bringing us a message – with a stomach full of plastic trash. And then there’s the video of stills from photographer Chris Jordan on Midway Atoll – a tiny island in the middle of nowhere where sea birds are dying with stomach full of plastic trash. It’s tragic that humans generate so much trash that everything else – animals, the land, the oceans, are all dying because of it.

It has inspired me to think more about what I do and what I can do, and when in Shifen, Taiwan earlier this week to release a sky lantern, I actually refused to partake in this activity and instead played photographer, because although paper and the wooden rim of the lantern are biodegradable, it’s still releasing rubbish into the air which will eventually land in the sea.

I hope these videos and articles will be an inspiration to at least that one random person reading this post to think about our impact.

P.S. Many people have protested against keeping marine animals in captivity, such as whale sharks and dolphins at RWS. Ok maybe a whale shark is a wee bit too large to be kept in captivity, but what if it was already injured? Orphaned? Not swimming well because it was missing a fin? My point is, the benefit of a few animals in captivity and its impact in bringing awareness and respect to more people, and in turn inspire more efforts for conservation, and could possibly outweigh the need for “freedom”? After all, it is well known that animals in captivity live longer than those in the wild, so it can’t be a complete torture. Have you seen a whale shark? It is undoubtedly an amazing experience, and I am so lucky to have seen one. We have also gone through great lengths to see manta rays, but now all we have to do is to go across to Sentosa to see them. Mind blown!

Read more about World Oceans Day on the La Mer site.


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