Maldives Travelogue November 2013

Amazing views

We are just back from a really wonderful break in the Maldives (yes, again! It’s like our second home!) with just Abacus. Some holidays with the kids feel like so much work, but because we only had one boy, it was so much easier. Some people might find it odd to pick only one child to go along on a holiday, but it’s easier on my inlaws who will look after the others (since all 3 with them would be quite a handful at their current ages), and it was a great opportunity for him to have our full attention for a few days. As the middle child I think he’s often neglected in a way, since the eldest is more vocal, and the youngest is more needy (and very sticky).

Our water villa
Our water villa

We stayed in the luxurious Six Senses Laamu, swam, ate, slept, and managed a little family kayaking. We also had an unexpected adventure which made the trip even more interesting. The past times we’ve been to the Maldives we’ve always stayed in a resort accessible by speedboat, and this time we had to take a domestic flight followed by a speedboat. A little complicated and tiring, but still manageable. What we didn’t foresee was that on the return journey, our domestic flight was delayed, and we missed our connecting red eye international flight.

Finally, after lots of waiting and 2 flights, we're on our way to the resort.
Finally, after lots of waiting and 2 flights, we’re on our way to the resort.
Kayaking. Or more like, someone else is kayaking, we're just enjoying :p
Kayaking. Or more like, someone else is kayaking, we’re just enjoying :p

In all honesty, I was quite excited at the last minute change of plans and more than happy to spend another night in the Maldives! Perhaps also because we’ve been there so many times we weren’t even worried – in my mind I was already all ready to check into one of the resorts closer to the Malé airport (there are resorts as close as a 10 minute speedboat ride).

Amazing view of the Malé airport where we could even see seaplanes arriving and departing, from the Traders Hotel's pool.
Amazing view of the Malé airport where we could even see seaplanes arriving and departing, from the Traders Hotel’s pool.

We were put up the airline the Traders Hotel, which is the nicest business hotel in Malé, and the next morning took the opportunity to visit the fish market where we saw a 75kg yellowfin tuna, a first for me since I could never wake early enough for Tsukiji. We also had some time to squeeze in a swim on the rooftop pool before heading to the airport for the afternoon flight, which on hindsight was much easier than the red eye, and we had a fantastic flight back – I think even the crew were blissed out from staying in this paradise!

Maldivian fishing boat - Fresh From The Sea! Cute!
Maldivian fishing boat – Fresh From The Sea! Cute!

We had a great time meeting new people, spending some time with a couple that we went with, and focussing all our energy on just one child and not feeling too stretched. And since each day’s agenda was just to chill out, this was one of the most relaxing holidays in recent memory. And yes, we are already dreaming of when we’ll be back.

Read more about our previous Maldivian escapades here.


7 thoughts on “Maldives Travelogue November 2013

    1. Haha. We brought our middle child, and the eldest came alone with us on a trip earlier this year so he accepted it pretty well. Hope the kids won’t be scarred by such an arrangement?? Hee.


  1. Wow you’ve really traveled quite a bit this year, ya? Anyway, I think you’re being very fair, in terms of bringing only Abacus on this trip, since Mittens went on the trip to London. Are you going to squeeze in another trip before the end of the year, with Scout? 😉


    1. We’re making up for lost time since we didn’t travel for over a year after Scout was born! And she’s too young to enjoy the holidays as much as her brothers so she’ll be staying home when we go to Shanghai next, heeeee.


  2. Wow, such a beautiful place! It’s such an interesting arrangement to bring only one child for a holiday trip. If we ever do that, my other two (especially the older ones) will definitely be crying their hearts out. Lol.


    1. Yes, for those who like beach holidays I highly recommend it before or in case global warming gets worse and the water levels rise or coral die…

      Actually although they are a little disappointed they aren’t going, each boy was surprisingly ok, and they also enjoy the attention from the grandparents while we’re gone. And since my MIL only speaks Chinese I like to think they are at Chinese Camp 😉


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