Online Bargain Hunter

Is it just me, or does the year end always feel as if it goes by faster? I can already feel Christmas creeping up on us. And although this year we started some of our Christmas shopping early, especially since some items will take some time to be shipped in (for free!) from Amazon, I definitely had to be more on the ball and get it done early.

It seems like I shop for so much online these days. I love checking prices on Fairprice online, against RedMart (which I wrote about previously), and the deciding whether to buy instore or online, and it seems like there are more and more online stores popping up every other day.

I recently discovered the online store for Mango, and was even more happy that the online store carries more than what’s offered in-store here, and items can be returned at any Mango store! And they ship directly and via express, from Barcelona. I think my items took something like 3 days to arrive.

I also tried Zalora for the very first time (I know, I must be the last person??) and was impressed that you can even do a 7-11 pick up for your purchases, but was a little gutted that the 7-11 in my block isn’t one of the participating stores. What is also impressive is that they do a super fast delivery – I ordered on a Saturday morning and by Monday early afternoon the delivery guy was beating down my door! (Ok actually he was just calling me since I wasn’t at home, but you get the point.) They have some Christmas deals if you’re out of ideas on what to buy!

And of course there is Qoo10, on which you can find almost anything. I have bought clothes, makeup, toys, curtains, clothes hangers, stationery, bicycle lights, water tumblers, LED ear picks, phone and tablet covers… In fact I almost always check to see if Qoo10 or Amazon are selling a particular item before looking elsewhere.

Some friends also recommended iHerb and within a week I’d already made purchases on it twice :p (Use the code KSM968 to get a $5-$10 discount on your first order!(+) The weak USD is such a good excuse to buy more things online, don’t you think?

Where else do you find your bargains online?


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