Six Senses Laamu resort, Maldives


Just thinking about the Maldives I can already hear the waves and feel the sand in my toes! We chose the Six Senses Laamu because the choice was either that or the Anantara Dhigu, which we’d already been to, and after having a wonderful experience at the Six Senses Con Dao, we were excited to go to Laamu.

You can see the sea bed from so many places!

The journey from Malé (after the international flight) took us another 4 hours or so, comprising of a domestic flight and a speedboat ride, and it was an ok journey, but felt like a lot of time wasted. I’m not quite sure I’d do it again, only because you can get to other resorts from 10 minutes from the airport, and travelling further doesn’t mean the resort will be better, it just means that it’s harder to get to :p

Enjoying the kids meals.

Despite being quite far-flung (and by the time we actually got there I actually felt as if I had been flung far), it is a fairly large resort at 90+ villas, and can get a little busy at times, although it never felt too crowded. We went in late November, which was not yet peak season, and Abacus was one of only three kids in the resort at any one time, so he had the entire kids club to himself. Kids below 6 eat free, and they do a really lovely fish nuggets. And of course, who could refuse free ice cream ALL day?

Free ice cream (like 20 over flavours?!)! Free toppings!
Free ice cream (like 20 over flavours?!)! Free toppings!

I like that the Six Senses personality is eco-luxury, quirky, and discreetly modern. What that means is they use quality natural materials, but also make sure you have that flat screen tv and Bose sound system, although they do try and hide them away so you feel more in touch with nature and less bothered by all our electronic gadgets. The thing that sets the 5 and 6 star resorts (or hotels, etc.) from the others is in the small things, such as providing the cutest tricycle EVER, and the Six Senses definitely does not disappoint.

Both of us loved riding around in this tricycle!
Both of us loved riding around in this tricycle!

Apart from that, the huge villas are absolutely gorgeous, and we would have been happy to spend the entire day in and swimming around the villa. It had no less than 6 different sitting areas to lounge around, and you could comfortably have a party on the outside deck. It was our first time in a water villa (I know, we’ve been there so many times and this was our first!) because with young kids their safety is paramount, and actually not all resorts will allow kids in water villas until they’re 8 or 12 years old, but all the doors in the villa could be locked at night so there would be no possibility he would stumble into the water at night, and we made sure that he never ventured onto any open area unsupervised. Better to be safe than sorry!

Outdoor seating
Outdoor seating

Although service is a little inconsistent, stay here for the luxurious, large water villas, great house reef, and overall good service, but only if you don’t mind the trouble you have to go through to get here.

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