Spring Cleaning – How about donating your good working items?

Gosh darn it, are we in the middle of January already? Perhaps you might have been wondering where or what we’ve been up to, (or, perhaps you didn’t even notice we were missing). Like many people, I’ve been waiting to get into the groove of things in the new year, but Abacus and I have been sick for the longest time. Ok actually it was only 2 weeks (and counting), but it’s been feeling like ages and I’ve been spending a lot of time having headaches (from swollen sinuses) or under the influence of drowsy meds, blah blah blah. And before we know it, we’ll be in the thick of Chinese New Year Celebrations!

The Chinese New Year is supposed to mark the start of spring, but it feels a little strange to be talking about spring when it’s still so cold in some places, Niagara Falls has frozen over in some parts. But here we are, slowly but surely inching towards the end of January, which means that we’d better get rid of this cough soon so that we can start soaking in the festivities. Especially since we live so close to Chinatown!

Since CNY is around the corner, I’ve been trying to do a lot more spring cleaning, although I actually have to do it all throughout the year because there are just too many things (and people) in this tiny home of ours, and after three pregnancies, meaning going from thin to fat and back again (or living in delusions that I might one day go back to thin again…), means there are lots of clothes of all shapes and sizes.

If, like so many of us, you are going to attempt to do a major spring clean, and have many good items for donation, here are some of the places that you can consider donating to:

  • Church of St. Bernadette runs a thrift shop, located on the right just next to the church entrance. You can leave your items there even if they are closed. They have a lovely large shop that sells many items. One of my friends tells me she sometimes ends up buying stuff for herself because many expats donate their items here, and apparently it’s very popular with the Sunday going FDWs.
  • Salvation Army
  • Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS). You can learn more about MINDS in a recent blog post here by a blogger who is also selling crafts to raise money for MINDS. Apparently for large donations (like big pieces of furniture), MINDS might be able to arrange transport for it.
  • If you have household appliances or furniture in good condition, you could Pass It On.
  • The NEW2U thrift shop run by the Singapore Council of Women Organisations don’t accept used electrical goods or large items of furniture, but would love to receive old clothes, shoes, accessories, books, toys, crockery and utensils.
  • If you have items in good working condition, or even food that have a shelf life of more than 3 months, kids milk powder, baby diapers, etc. to give away, you could consider donating them to Fei Yue Community Services.
  • The Red Cross  accepts donations but would also like you to patronise their thrift store.
  • Something Old, Something New (SOSN) takes in apparels, household items, electrical appliances, toys, children’s items, shoes, bags and CDs/DVDs, that are in better condition
  • Highpoint Community Services work with drug offenders and will take items that can be sold in their thrift shop, as well as ones that cannot be sold but can be recycled, like old clothes, newspapers, etc. They also provide a moving service.

Do you know of any other organizations that take donations?

And if like me, you’re feeling a little sluggish this Monday, maybe you’re under the weather, or finding it hard to get started on the spring cleaning, here’s a little tune from the wonderfully quirky and funny movie The Incredible Burt Wonderstone – a tune guaranteed to lift anyone’s spirits (I wish I could find the one with the bits from the movie!)


5 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning – How about donating your good working items?

  1. thanks, for the sharing. I just did a bit of spring cleaning not long ago and was thinking hard to place the items but in the end, got thrown away! Now I know where to go. Thanks!


  2. Thanks for sharing. Was just wondering where I could donate items that are in mint or brand new condition (thanks to impulse buying :d) and was so happy that you shared this list!


    1. I know what you mean… Sometimes I buy clothes online then when it comes they don’t fit, but usually it’s really cheap anyway so I don’t feel much of a pinch, but since it’s brand new I prefer not to just put it in the recycling bags. Glad the list will be of use to you 😉


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