Sweet 16

I'm on top of the world!
I’m on top of the world!

Scout turned 16 months earlier this month. I don’t usually do month by month updates (actually I don’t do it at all!) but she is growing so fast and learning so many things, in some ways I think this is such magical time.

20130514-235910.jpgFirstly, although she’s been walking since 12 months, she is still toddling around, which is fine with me because the way they walk is just so adorable! She knows when we’re heading out and loves to wear her shoes, and don’t get me started on those chubby feet of hers! 😍

"I want in, boys!"
“I want in, boys!”

She is learning so quickly, and is able to catch on with baby signs quite easily, so I’ve been trying to teach her some simple words to aid in communication (and ease tantrums). The boys were less keen on signing so I gave up at an early age, maybe because girls are wired to be more communicative than boys? It’s really fun and such a joy discovering the new things that she has learnt or can do, and as mentioned before, it’s such a good reminder of how much we don’t celebrate the little things once toddlers are older (and turn into monsters?), and the boys are also finding joy in it, teaching her and reporting the things that she can do.

20130417-213043.jpgShe’s been saying a few words here and there, but nothing is as clear and saccharine as when she says “Dada”. It’s hard not to melt when she sees her daddy and calls him, or when she pretends to be on the phone, it’s always to say, “Dada”. The only time I get “Mama” is when she wants to be carried, and it’s not limited to just me! Oh well, I’m glad at least someone around here is getting the attention.

Me and my bro.
Me and my bro.

Although she is never short of playmates, she is still terribly sticky to me, and if you see her literally clinging to my leg, well that’s a common everyday occurrence. I’ve learnt to limp along like Quasimodo, baby in tow, in order to get around. At other times, she is happy to sit and play with her brothers, and will sometimes deliberately seek them out by stretching her hand out to say “Hold my hand!” And leading them to where or what she wants to play.


It’s a different story if the boys want to play with her toys though. Beware the person who wants to sit in her tricycle or the toy she claims possession on, she won’t back down without screaming the house down! I’m not sure if this is an attribute to her character or birth order, but it causes a little chaos in the house and I’m tottering a fine balance between getting the kids not to fight and making sure she doesn’t get her way all the time.

IMG_6911And as she grows bigger, and heavier, so seems her will, and as if carrying more than a large sack of rice around isn’t enough, try carrying a squirming screaming sack of rice! I often picture myself as a mummy toting a toddler on my hip while running errands and going about my other supermum (not!) chores, but this girl’s disdain for the car (or her car seat) is stressful! Thankfully on occasion, my other passengers are able to appease her royal highness, otherwise I have to tolerate her crying and the other 2 fighting or yakking their heads off. Oh the joys of motherhood.


If there was one thing I could change, it would be that I would love for her to nap better. Alas, too much toting around when young, perhaps, or just not a good napper, I’m lucky if I can get an hour’s grace on any given day at any given time. There are no fixed times or duration, and at her age, it’s looking like it’s unlikely to settle into a good routine, although I’m still holding on to some hope. Oh please God-of-naps, grant her the ability to sleep for oh, maybe 2 hours a day to give me a little reprieve? Thankfully nightimes are more peaceful with her sleeping between 11-13 hours at a stretch, sometimes pausing for a bottle or two, or none, if I’m really lucky.

Ah, bliss!
Ah, bliss!

She sure has thrown life into chaos, but amidst the busyness (and tantrums),

At 4 days old
At 4 days old

Happy Sweet 16, my little girl.

11 thoughts on “Sweet 16

  1. Happy 16 months Scout!

    My girl is the same when claiming her possessions. She will say ‘No Share With You’ and even pinch or bite her bro. Its a headache sometime to make her understand. Now we try to avoid saying its whose toys or items. We stick to everything is Daddy’s and Mummy’s. Cause its paid with our money. 😛


  2. So cute, love the hairdo! Aiyar must let our baby girls meet soon! =) 11-13 hours is like FWAH! My girl wakes at least 2-3, sometimes 4, times every single night! Haha, but yeah I’m pretty used to it already. Luckily I am a SAHM! Good to see you and the boys today, Ed! =)


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