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Kids Fest 2014 – The Gruffalo’s Child


After much anticipation, Kids Fest 2014 is finally here! We have gone to see The Gruffalo’s Child, and were mesmerized by the catchy tunes and clever storytelling. It’s originally a pretty short story so I wondered how it was going to be made into a 1 hour performance. It’s a wonderful adaptation, although it’s much better if you’re well acquainted with The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child books beforehand.

Roaring like a Gruffalo.

I liked that there was no intermission, because it can take quite an effort to get everyone out for a break and then get back in. I also liked the clever use of stage props, and costumes. And before and after the performance, there was plenty of space for everyone to stretch their legs (the kids) and take a breather (me).

Who doesn’t love balloons?

They are offering a bumper number of shows this season for Kids Fest, from The Gruffalo to We’re Going On A Bear Hunt, etc etc so do grab your tickets soon!

I had to restrain myself from snapping up all the adorable merchandise!
P.s. The Drama Centre at the National Library can get a little chilly, so do bring some warm clothing for your kids!

Please see my other posts on KidsFest 2014 here and a discount code for the tickets here.


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